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Donations of a fish - on voluntary development funding.

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1 year ago

This doesn't come easy for me, but after pondering for quite a while, I decided to publish my past donations to BCH projects. So here is a (incomplete) list:

(sorry they're not in chronological order because they come from different wallets and I had to redact names of individuals and also some unrelated donations (I filtered for "donation"))

Total: 59 BCH worth 22,975 USD at the respective times of donation.

Why I am publishing this?

I think publishing this data can open some eyes and maybe even mobilize some people into action who have been asleep.

What's the story?

A couple of days back I got woken up by an article on (my new home ❤️):

What the actual FUCK? A plan to forcibly funnel a part of all (not just their) coinbase rewards via some central company to "the developers" by redirecting 12.5% of the issuance to this company and orphaning any blocks that don't participate in the scheme? I later found this Infrastructure Funding Plan by Jiang Zhuoer of BTC.TOP mining pool explaing the idea what would be done without any debate.

I was shocked.

What an affront to the ideals of Bitcoin! I could go on a rant here, but I'll spare you that. It's not the point and others have argued way more eloquently what is wrong with that plan. Let's just say:

That plan is a huge mistake in my view.

I also had to read that Bitcoin ABC was apparently unable to make use of (some of?) the donations they received because of some KYC/AML issues and that Amaury didn't believe in the voluntary donation model. Another blow! Look at the abc donations in my screenshot and imagine how that makes me feel.

What I'm doing now?

As a first step I decided to stop all donations to BCH infrastructure. What sense does it make at this point with this disastrous plan on the table?

I've also been hitting the sell BCH button quite a bit. I'm not going to give you any numbers, but a couple days back it would've been unimaginable to me to sell this many BCH... a substantial amount already and growing each day.

I've also become very emotional, oscillating between anger and sadness.

What's the point of this article?

The point is that I believe voluntary donation model can work and I want to show people that there are actually voluntary donations happening. Maybe I also want to wake some people up (holders mainly): I didn't make these donations out of generosity, I made them to strengthen my investment and in an attempt to make Bitcoin succeed as money for the people.

I also want to show the effect of even suggesting this plan has on parts of the community and I want to put myself as an example here. Another divide? Another split?

Is there hope / a solution? What can be done to save the day?

Much damage has already been done (although not awfully apparent in price at this point), but I think there is hope. The recent Update by for example and the many concerned voices make it conceivable that this plan might not be put into action after all (despite that "no-debate" bullshit).

I think what could be done to greatly improve the situations is to show that the voluntary funding model can in fact work. This would require:

  • "the developers" to publish some information on how much funding they actually need and for what exactly they intend to use them and also to provide a way to give them funds in a way that enables them to actually use them

  • "the holders" (and businesses, really) to voluntarily (but actually) put up substantial funds for the above (if they haven't already and repeat if they have).

  • "the miners and pools" to stfu, mine for profit and pay for software out of their own coffers if necessary

  • probably someone to coordinate and organize a fundraise (for the next 6 months is enough to compete with the disaster plan ;-)).

I'm very low on time, but if others take matter to their hands and get something going, I'm sure I will contribute substantially from the BCH I then have left.

love you all ❤️

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Written by   543
1 year ago
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