Sexual Reassignment Procedures

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Some of you may literally consider sexual reassignment as "changing or removing of a person's genitalia". Other people nowadays kept on believing that removal of a person's genitalia or changing it is immoral. They are starting an argument against immoral and moral acts by using the bible. On the other hand, if you searched for the definition of sexual reassignment on Google, it will give you medical definitions. There are different definitions, but the meaning is the same. You just need to study about it further if you really want to know deeper about it.

According to European Parliament, every person has the right to choose their gender. In this case, they also wanted the World Health Organization to remove and deny the Gender Identity Disorder. It is offensive on the sides of people who belong to other gender identities like gays, lesbians, and transgenders. People must know their gender once they have known themselves. There are decisions that other people have to make for their body. There are surgeries in enhancing face and other parts of our body. Apparently, science has also discovered a surgery on removing a person's genitalia. It might confuse others, but it can be possible for a person to remove or change his/her in born genitalia if he/she really wanted to. Of course, if he has enough money to pay for it. The sexual reassignment or the surgery has different types that depend on what a person wants to be done. In addition to this, if you ever removed or changed your genitalia, it will only have changes on its outside appearance but not on the functions.

The first type of sexual reassignment is Phallectomy. If you have heard about this, you know exactly how it works. A person was born as a man, but grew up as a gay. In this case, he might be questioning his gender throughout the years while looking on his genitalia. We cannot tell whether he wanted it removed or changed. But, if he ever decided to remove his genitalia, the surgery or the procedure will be called Phallectomy. It is the removal of the penis.

On the contrary, if the situation is vice versa which is the person involved was born as a woman, but grew up as a lesbian, there is also a surgery ready for this case. If the woman wanted her genitalia removed, she will be under the procedure of Vaginoplasty. It is obviously the surgery on removing a woman's vagina. These two are the most common surgeries in sexual reassignment.

Also, there are procedures under this kind of reassignment including breast implants and voice therapy. Most gays are doing the breast implants or they take supplements to enhance this part of their body. While in voice therapy, lesbians are usually doing it. They are attending a therapy for their voice since we all know that men are often described to have a manly and strong voice which lesbians want to achieve. These are the common surgeries and procedures that a person can choose from if he wanted to reassign his or her sexuality.

There are different procedures in sexual reassignment. It depends the person whether what changes or enhancement he/she wanted. Basically, the common procedures are the removal of genitalia of both man and woman. For me, a person has the right to choose whether he or she want to undergo on these surgeries. Decide at your own risk. If they chose to do it and something happened to them or the operation compromised, they should face the consequences and blame no one but themselves. It is their decision. The signal came from them.

As far as I know, before the operation, a patient will undergo a process of decision-making. He or she will have a conversation with different professionals, and will let him or her understand what kind of situation is he or she going into. They have to make the decision clearly without hesitations before the operation or procedure.

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