What is Sexual Reassignment?

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Have you ever heard about sexual reassignment? I know for sure that some of you already heard it or had a background about it. There are many people who do not seem to understand the idea of sexual reassignment because they still associate it with other terms such as transgender, gay, lesbian, and bisexual. The meaning of sexual reassignment refers to individual who undergone, planning to undergo, or currently undergoing medical and surgical assistance to change their body or their genitalia.

The society that we are currently living in is not that open about this topic. It is because many people lack in knowledge and context about altering someone’s body to the gender that they really want. There are arguments and debates about whether it is an ethical thing to do or not, since not all of us has the same principles. People who lives by the guidance of the book of God or the bible believed that we do not have the right to change our body the way we want it, because this is how we are made by the hands of creator. Also, we are made as man and woman in this world, and there are only two genders – male and female.

However, having this kind mindset and belief affects a lot of people especially those who claims that their gender is under the LGBTQ. For them, we are invading, disrespecting, and setting aside their human rights. It is true that we have the right to have an autonomy with how we want to live our life. Same goes with what we want to do with our body. We have the freedom. Because of this, we cannot control other people with their desires, and even with their gender preference. Some of them wants to change or remove their in born genitalia. It is their decision to make. Whether it is ethical or not, it does not matter to them as long as it will give them the satisfaction and happiness.

Sexual reassignment is altering your body into something or result you want to achieve. The main procedure that they do is changing your genitalia, which can be replaced or removed. The genitalia can be reconstructed to have the same appearance, but it will not have the complete function. When it comes to the practice of medicine there is a statement saying “first, do no harm”, which means that in every medical and surgical procedures we should not harm the health of every patient.

Surgeons who conduct the operation to the patient who wants to change their body, especially with their genitalia, needs to assure that it will not affect the overall health and well-being of the patient. This surgery needs a lot of courage because it will change their life eternally. There are adjustments that they need to do for themselves and to the people around them. Why does an adjustment for the people around them important? Because admit it or not, the person who has undergone sexual reassignment will going to need the affirmation from others. They need to work for the acceptance of the people around them.

In the modern society that we have now, we can say that having a broad knowledge about “sexual reassignment” is gradually increasing. Maybe people have seen potentials on a society with gender equality. Some people are starting to believe that undergoing in sexual reassignment is not a bad thing, because a person can decide on the changes they want to do in their body. It is their right to say the go signal if they want the procedure done or not. There is no rule and law in our society that says we cannot undergo through sexual reassignment or any surgeries to enhance our body. Judging and criticizing people who do not have the same choice as yours will only cause conflicts and worst, violence.

Every opinion from everyone is valid but it is inhumane to disgrace an individual if they followed and made a choice on their desire and what they feel inside. The society needs equality, regardless of the gender and what they want to change on their body. Ethical or not, it is their choice. Immoral or not, again, it is their choice. Respect everyone else’s decision and support equality regardless of their choices and beliefs.

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Haha, ngayon ko lang po ito nabasa kasi busy rin po ako. Yeah, every individual must know their rights on their life and what are the things that they should do in order for them to be happy. If you want to undergo at surgery, then do it. If you want to be proud at the gender that you have, then do it. All of us have rights to be proud at our differences even we are straight or not. (kabobo talaga mag-english)

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