Disability Doesn't Mean Inability

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2 years ago

You don’t have pair of hands?

It’s fine, we can work with your mind

You can’t move your feet?

It’s fine, I know you are creative.


Just because you cannot do normal things

Like other people you encounter on the streets

You are unique, I believe.

You can do something incredibly amazing


We heard you cry

It's understandable you should let it out and frown

Frustrations will soon be gone

And you will wake up one morning with a smile.


We heard you happy and laugh

But deep down I know you’re not

Be brave and keep up the fight

You will win this war


I know you’re afraid

Of what will people say

To the appearance they are going to discriminate

Lift up your head and pave the way

I know you’re sad most of the time

Thinking of the things that you might have done

If only you are normal like everyone

It’s okay to be different because you are not the only one


I know you are hurt

Of all the hardships you encountered

You needed to get up

Maybe not for yourself but for the one you love


I know you question Almighty God

For being the person that you are

Lift up your faith

And trust the destiny God has made


You may be tired now

But I know you are fighting the whispers in your ear

Trying to stop you and tear

Keep on fighting because your success might be getting nearer


You are not different

You are just like someone else

More stronger and unique

More creative and talented despite the hindrances


You should not be afraid

You should not hide

Your disability will not determine the things you can do

So, do your best and prove to us the best thing about you


As you can see, I wrote a poem for people with disability. It is hard to grow up questioning your physical appearance, or waking up and some parts of you are already gone. The sad reality in the world is that, not everyone is open-minded when it comes to people with disability. Actually, some are making fun of it or discriminating them. We must understand that they are humans too who deserve the same respect, love, and care from us.

The message of the poem is simply lifting them up. To make them realize how they should embrace their flaws, though reality speaking, it is the hardest thing to do. They are also fighting something within them, and the best action we must do is show them that we appreciate and respect them. Do not look at them like they are less of a human being, because they are not. They are just like us, and they need to get positive messages from us since some of them are fighting the negative thoughts inside their head, just because they have disabilities.

If you know someone, make them feel special and loved. Never forget to tell them that their disability does not mean inability. They can still do something, be creative, and express their talents confidently.

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Date Published: May 16, 2021

Author: charmingcherry08

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2 years ago
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Nice one Cherry. You're right. They deserve the same amount of respect we need to the society. They should be getting more though because they are heroes of their own stories already.

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2 years ago

Yes ate. I agree with you. Dapat talaga mas ma-appreciate natin sila, kasi grabe na yung laban nila para sa sarili nila at sa society na may discrimination pa.

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2 years ago