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Rusty's New Favorites Aka His Circle Of Friends

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2 months ago

I did not publish anything yesterday for two reasons: I'm effin exhausted to write and the bot is not even around so I took a day off coz I deserve it anyway. This is why I'm going to write 2 articles today and publish the 2nd one before or after midnight.

So as you can see in the title, this article is about our dearest bot, Rusty. You might be wondering where the heck is he again. Is he out for a vacay? Does he run out of budget this time? Or, is he exhausted like me and you these past few days that he chose to hide himself away from us?

Although some of you might have known where he went these past few days, a lot of you might still be wondering his whereabouts. So this article, I'm going to show you his latest activities while he was away from most of us.

@TheRandomRewarder new circle of friends

Rusty has never been absent. He has been around all this time, except that he only shares his blessings to a few selected people. Unfortunately, he forgot to add me and you to his Favorites list. So let's all meet the selected and lucky ones who never have to experience what we're feeling for the past few days.

Click this image to read his article

First off, we have @PVMihalache. This is not the first time he got favored by Rusty. I can't remember the exact date (too tired to scroll up on our Chatbox) when Rusty spammed him with so much love. If I'm not mistaken, he received a total of 1BCH during that first visit aka glitch.

We were like, "Oh, sana all, PVM!" We were not jealous, though. We all know PVM deserved it! We, at the Club1BCH, were genuinely happy about what he received from the bot. Besides, PVM is not the kind of man who keeps everything for himself. He loves to share, and that's why he deserves everything.

Click this image to read his article

Next, we have @scottcbusiness. Scott has more than 2000 subscribers and most of his articles are about crypto-related stuff. I guess the "Feeling Bullish" on the title has inspired the bot to send him more love to his article. Let the 3-digits be the proof of appreciation from Rusty.

Click this image to read his article

As you can see, Rusty is not even done with Scott yet. The bot decided to give more to Scott by upvoting his other article.

How to be you, Scott?

Click this image to read his article

Not only did Scott receive more, but our man here, PVM, made another one that triggered Rusty to give him so much love again. Well-deserved, anyway.

Click this image to read his article

Bot is so much happy with PVM's performance, hard work, and dedication that 2 articles were never enough to show his appreciation. Look at that! Another $100+ from Rusty!

To all who's reading, let's say it together, "Sana all, PVM!" 😅

Click this image to read his article

And here comes @Crackers. He also received so much love from Rusty. I'm so happy to see his name because he truly deserves this too. I'm so happy for you, Craig, and thank you for the upvote.

Click this image to read his article

Another Club1BCH fam on the list, @Fexonice1. From the title alone, I would say he deserves that huge upvote from the bot. Congrats, my friend!

Take note that there are more others on his list, and these screenshots are not updated. I've already seen some changes on their Upvotes, so if you prefer to see the updated version, just click it here.

Closing thoughts

I wonder what triggers Rusty to love their articles like this? I know they all deserve such attention, but there must be something in their articles that makes Rusty fall in love with them.

Anyway, so as I've said earlier, Rusty is not out for his "Me Time" and definitely not out of budget. He just feels like giving everything to these selected and lucky yet deserving dudes here. I'm not saying we don't deserve such upvotes because I believe that we all do. Maybe not as huge as that, though.

To bot aka Rusty, please, don't forget about us. You can spam people as much as you want because it's your funds, anyway; however, know that we are also waiting and expecting your visit. Your visit gives us all the kind of power we need to be more inspired and motivated to keep us going. Hope you can visit us soon and more often.

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Written by   935
2 months ago
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