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NFT Breaking News #19 - Bringing joy in Africa through the WaxSnkrs Project

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10 months ago

I had Wax Snkrs in my previous #NFTBreakingNews issues, with various giveaways and auctions, but now is time to present this project in details. I was impressed by the humanitarian cause from day one and sent some $WAXP but I still feel like my job is not done yet. 

More giveaways and auctions followed and even the auction of mint #50 OLD SKOOL RED sneakers. They were sold for $4.50 and the whole $WAXP amount from the sale was sent back to Wax Snkrs. The auction was won by Clarkstachio for 15 WAX. Check the auction here! 

A starting point can be the #MeetTheArtist Wax Snkrs article written by Crackers where you can read about the artist and his journey into the NFT world. I will go even further and talk more about the extent of the Wax Snkrs vision to provide deprived children from Africa with sneakers. The project has a 18 pages document with the scope, goals, visions, terminologies and roadmap. I went through it and I will share the most important aspects. 

What is Wax Snkrs?

Wax Snkrs is a collection of designed sneaker cards taking inspiration from real world sneakers that aims to introduce the sneaker culture to the WAX community and engage the NFT community into this amazing movement. Why Wax Snkrs? Because WAX is a carbon-neutral blockchain network and sneakers are ultra cool.

Sneakers are known to psychologically boost confidence and social identity. Based on this statement, everyone or every child must own a sneaker right? Or at least shoes. Unfortunately this is not the case and the statistics are worrying, as an estimate of 20 million children in the Sub-Sahara (Africa) are walking without shoes.

Wax Snkrs vision is to impact the society by merging the sneakers unique culture and the blockchain technology. Real world sneakers are used as inspiration for  limited edition NFTs, which in the future will be backed by real world sneakers. The Wax Snkrs mission is to educate, inspire and impact the WAX community as well as the physical world in a fun leaded campaign that will reintroduce that nostalgic feeling of owning a sneaker you have always wanted.

The main goals are to introduce the sneakers 👟 culture to wax blockchain, provide sneakers for underprivilege children, and to empower sneaker artists/ designers. While working hard to achieve the goals, 30% of the funds will be directed for purchasing sneakers for kids in the diaspora who needs them.

The RoadMap highlights series drops every 3-4 months and collaborations with other WAX projects for each series. The high-end goal will be the auction of unique NFTs backed by physical designed sneakers. 

The NFTs will have set features such as borders, number, ID, description and rarity. The rarity of a sneaker can be unlimited (Common), limited (Uncommon), Exclusive (Rare) and Uber-Rare (Epic). 

I never knew it's so much terminology in a simple pair of sneakers. Now I know that I had a pair of Adidas sneakers with a metal deubré and golden aglets. They were beaters and I had them until they fell apart. Here i have the most interesting sneakers 👟 terms i could find:

  • Aglet: The plastic or metal tips found on the laces of your sneakers. Usually customized by sneaker brands.

  • Beaters: The sneakers you wear everyday whatever the weather. Beaters are the ones you don’t mind getting muddy on hikes.

  • Bred/Bread: Any sneaker with a black or red colorway. Originally referred to any Air Jordan in Chicago Bulls colors.

  • Bricks: Hyped sneakers bought strictly for resale that end up not being as profitable as predicted, or not selling at all.

  • Deadstock: An old sneaker release that is still 100% brand new, unworn, factory laced and comes complete with the original box.

  • Deubré: The little tag that you’d find at the bottom of the lacing system.

Giveaway, auction and discounted sale

I didn't had time to draw the winner for this Twitter giveaway so I am extending the offer until 23:59 UTC on Thursday 30th of September. Check the thread and complete the tasks for a chance to win the Silly Faces Hightops. 

Auction of mint #8 of Cristalla Syndicate Edition is now live, starting at 8 $WAXP! The full amount from this auction will be sent to Wax Snkrs, nicely wrapped in a Pyro Zickle! Head over, bring your contribution to the cause and place a cheeky bid. #Sneakers4Africa

It's all about fun and enjoyment so if you made it so far ... did you noticed the 2 hidden claim links for one sneakers 👟 NFT? If not... maybe no one else did! 

Check this 50% sale NFT Breaking New exclusively from Wax Snkrs collaboration with Alex Grom:


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Written by   1060
10 months ago
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