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Last 10 Items I Purchased From Shopee

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1 month ago
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I have been a Shopee user since 2018 and ordered 78 items + 2 coming this week. Although some of these items are not mine, I still have probably purchased more or less 70.

In the last 2 years, I barely shopped for myself. What I mostly buy online are dog foods, treats, bowls, leashes and harnesses, a grooming kit, and anything for my furbabies. I also purchased some items for my nieces and nephews, especially during Christmas.

This one was for our baby boy. Unfortunately, someone stole it when we forgot to take this inside the house.

But just recently, I decided to treat myself. It all started when I had those unwanted acne problems that I needed to get rid of. So in this article, I'm gonna highlight the last 10 items I purchased from Shopee. Let's see how much money I also spent on these items and how many are for myself.

Recent to old purchases for the last 4 months

Gaming chair

I have always wanted this chair since 2019, but I just don't have the courage to spend a lot on stuff like this. I was also worried that I might regret wasting my money on a damaged item.

I wanted to buy this at the mall but due to this pandemic, it's hard to travel. Plus, the mall price for an ordinary swivel chair is almost the same as this one. So I decided to check Shopee and search for a legit seller that has at least 4.8 overall ratings.

Good thing I saw this one. Yes, it may not be my initial pick as I wanted a different color, but this kind of chair (minus the color) is, by far, my top choice. First, it looks very comfy and sturdy. It has a footrest that's perfect for my napping session, plus it's huge and leather-typed.

For this chair, I'm going to use some of my BCH. This is actually my post-birthday gift and $21 from the fund came from my Club1BCH fam, making it more special to me.

Breylee skincare products

I have been a Breylee user since June 15 of this year. Thanks to Breylee, I finally got rid of my acne problems. No more pimples and even pimple marks are already out of sight, too.

Back massager

One of my favorite items is the back massager. Now, I don't have to contact someone to massage my back as I can just grab this one and let it do the work.

It is also perfect for my future gaming chair. I can already see myself working on my comfy chair with the massager at the back while working. Yay!

GlutaLipo drinks

I ordered dark choco and coffee last month after seeing an influencer advertised it. I bought 6 packs, which 3 of them are for my sister. I like them because it helps me p--p every day.

Breylee skincare

This was also the time when I ordered an anti-aging set for my mom. My mom barely used anything for her face, so I decided to give her something she might like. Now, we are certified Breylee users here.

Dog food

I am single but with 6 mouths to feed. I have 4 furbabies, 1 rescued, and my sister's handsome but a bit childish male dog named Bamboo. Whatever food I bought for my furbabies, I also want the other 2 to have them.

I treat them all equally, though, I must say that Kiah is the most spoiled among the others. That's because she's the smallest and the others are quite bigger. Plus, she has always slept next to me since she was a little one.

Aside from this, my sister doesn't want them all in our house, so my other furbabies stay outside. I feel bad, though. This is the reason why I want to move out in my own house as soon as it is finished, so I can give my other furbabies a better place to sleep.

Anla blackheads remover

I had those annoying blackheads in my nose area, so I decided to purchase this one, too. After the Breylee, I got a bit obsessed with buying products for my skin. Nonetheless, it's worth the price. Not only does it help get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads, but it also smoothens my skin.

Breylee skincare for the first time

This was the first time I purchased Breylee. I never regretted spending some money on this one because this is the only skincare that saved me from having acne problems.

Dog food

I'm a furmom. What do you expect? A lot of my friends used to tell me that I spent so much on my furbabies. Well, I don't expect them to understand but as long as I'm using my own money, their opinions are nothing to me. My money, my rules.

Besides, they are not just dogs, they are my happiness, my stress-relievers, and my furbabies. When they are all well and happy, that's more than enough for me.


Excuse me for the blurred photo. I just don't think you have to see it. Lol. And no more further details, your honor.

So there you have it! The last 10 items I purchased from Shopee. Now, let's see how many pesos I spent on these items minus the amount that my sister paid.

  • 10 items: Php 12, 284 ($245.68)

  • Minus my sister's: Php 1, 108 ($22.16)

  • Spent: Php 11, 176 ($223.52)

For just 10 items, I spent 11K? Holy moly! I wonder how much money I spent on for the remaining 70+ items. Okay, never mind, no need to track them all, or I might get a mini heart attack if I see the price. Lol.

Closing thoughts

Regardless of the money I spent, at least, compared to my previous purchases back in 2018, I only ordered the necessities. Things that I truly needed either for myself or my furbabies.

After all, this is the reason why we work hard in life, so we can buy the things we want to purchase.

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Written by   883
1 month ago
Topics: Shopee
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