Goodbye, 2022! Welcome Here, 2023!

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In a few hours, we will finally bid our goodbyes to 2022 and welcome 2023 with open arms. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to move forward and leave 2022 behind. Since this year has brought me so much pain in my crypto wallet, I couldn't wait to open the door and start a new chapter in 2023.

But before I finally leave 2022, let me reminisce about my year for the last time. You'll probably realize how unlucky I have been this year. Well, as I have always said, failures are part of success. It's one of a few ingredients to make one successful. Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, and let me walk you through my most memorable or disappointing moments in 2022.

$1,036.36 In 21 Days Of Racing 2 Pegas

Before I became so broke in crypto, I was once lucky to be able to start my year with more than 10 BCH. Damn, that felt good and made me so proud of myself. The start of 2022 was also the beginning of my new hobby, investing more in smartBCH and NFT. The hype was still on then, so I kept investing and investing.

When I invested in Pegaxy, a horse-racing NFT game that allows you to earn, I was so positive that it would give me profits in no time. That could have been the case if I weren't so greedy. I could have earned $1,036.36 In 21 Days Of Racing 2 Pegas, but I waited and waited. The next thing I knew, it was too late for me to do something about it. What a shame! I could have quickly earned that amount if I weren't so greedy. The worst part was I could still have ROI, but I was hopeful that things would recover in no time. Crap!! Remembering this makes me want to curse my greedy self for being too greedy. Ugh!

I Sold 3.46 BCH Just To Fund My House

Because of my dismay, I decided to use my BCH for personal use. Yeah, I Sold 3.46 BCH Just To Fund My House, and I regret nothing for spending such a vast amount for a more significant cause. Thanks to my hard-earned BCH, I get to buy some materials for the house. If I could turn back time, I would have cashed out earlier when BCH was still at its peak. That 3.46 BCH could have been worth more than just $1000.

I'm Broke In BCH: Here Are The Reasons Why

Just in March, I spent a huge amount in BCH, which made me write I'm Broke In BCH: Here Are The Reasons Why. I spent 12.46 BCH for smartBCH, Pegaxy, and personal use. Did you know that I invested $1245 in two fncking Pegaxies? Crap!! I did, however, get to cash out around, um, I am trying to remember the amount exactly, but more or less $300.

A Little Tour To Our Club1BCH Discord Server And A Big Surprise To All

In April, I made myself busy with other stuff away from investments and crap. So I created the Club1BCH Discord because most of us from the club was active in Discord then. I used to be involved there, but I barely check on it now. Sorry, club fam.

Someone Stole My AxieBCH-Related Articles And Made Money On Hive

Another not-so-pleasant moment for me this year was when I learned that Someone Stole My AxieBCH-Related Articles And Made Money On Hive. I was upset about how people could steal others' hard work for their benefit. I know we all need money, but why do they need to steal when you can create your own? But I remembered PVM's famous quote, "You know you are successful when you start having haters." Well, that also applies to people who start copying you or your work. I moved on after that, though. You know me, I don't stay upset for too long, unless it's something about my dramas.

Successful Fundraising With ₱3,700 In Total Donations

One of my favorites this year was being able to help a friend who was in need. Sis @Pachuchay was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, a disease characterized by weakness and rapid fatigue of the muscles. As a friend, I decided to do my share by initiating fundraising. With the help from the BCH community, it was indeed a Successful Fundraising With ₱3,700 In Total Donations. I wanted to do a GoFundMe for her, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it because of the location issue.

It Feels Good Earning BCH Again

After being inactive for almost 3 months, due to a failed investment in Pegaxy, I went back to writing again. It was challenging to start over, but I was surprised I still got readers and Rusty's support. I started enjoying writing again and earning BCH. It Feels Good Earning BCH Again. That feeling made me want more, so I tried to write one article a day. I even set monthly to weekly goals to have a reason to write.

Fixed My Client's Wikipedia Page For $60

After my client told me to pause our Wikipedia tasks, I decided not to accept any projects related to such. I would repeatedly decline whenever I received an invite for a Wikipedia-related job until I didn't get invites anymore. Then, someone sent me an invitation, asking if I had the time to check on her page and if I could also advise her on what to do and what to avoid. I Fixed My Client's Wikipedia Page For $60, which gave me the confidence to pursue Wiki.

When I saw the page, I knew right then that it was something I could do. For some reason, I accepted her invitation, fixed her page in three days, and boom! Well, you already know the rest of the history.

Another Very Unfortunate Event Happened To Me Before 2022 Ends

I thought my happiness continued, but the hacking incident made it worse. With almost 6 BCH taken from me, I realized I should never hold on for too long. I blamed myself somehow because I could have secured it but was too lazy to do it on time. Oh well, as I have always said, shit always happens when you least expect it. So yeah, I was heartbroken after Another Very Unfortunate Event Happened To Me Before 2022 Ends.

Got Another Client For A Wikipedia Task

After that Navaratri page I fixed and made it live, I gained confidence in accepting job invites related to Wikipedia. So when I received another invitation, I immediately sent my application, and luckily, I Got Another Client For A Wikipedia Task. In just two days, I finished it and made it live eight days after the submission.

I am so happy I took that job because this biography page of a politician/lawyer is my ticket to getting more new clients. Since I focused my time on Wikipedia, I started getting more invites from different clients. Currently, I have one Wikipedia client for $75, and another is on his way. I'm waiting for him to send me the contract, but based on our conversation; he wants me to do the work.

Closing thoughts

As you can tell, my 2022 was full of ups and downs, but more upsetting downs. Despite everything, I was able to stand up again and hopefully, it will be a start for a brighter future.

This year may be tough, but it also gives me valuable lessons and unforgettable experiences. Despite everything, I learned that I am quite a strong person that never gives up easily in life. I may have lost a lot, but I am still standing.

Well, goodbye 2022! I will never forget you, but sorry to say, I won't miss you. And just like most FB peeps, "2023, please be good to me."

Happy New Year, all! May we all have a better 2023!

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Topics: Happy New Year, 2023


Hello, How are you doing? Are you still invested in SmartBCH? and if yes on what and why? It has been a long time since I don't participate on sBCH or BCH so I would like to know if you guys move on or what are your ideas for 2023.

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2 months ago

Happy New Year! This is the year that we make it our greatest year yet! We have got this, we can do this!!!

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2 months ago

Happy new year, darling MJ. Let's rock 2023 together.

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2 months ago

It was a nice feeling that previous year was already gone and now a new year that come to us, but despite all the struglles we are here to continue whay we are staryed and to make a fruitful year

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3 months ago

Yup throw it out and onto to new adventures. Happy New Year's 2023!!

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3 months ago

Happy 2023 girlie girl!

Wish you all the best on this new year.

Peace and success!

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3 months ago