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The Battle of Life

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2 months ago

"Life is indeed a bed of roses, it has a lot of thorn but you will still choose to live."

We are so lucky that we have given a change to live in this world. Life is just so beautiful just to give up your life. Even if your Life has a time limit already, just smile and wait for that day to come. And while doing it, why not enjoy for a little while. Do what you want to do, spend your time with your family, your love ones. This is not the reason to isolate yourself in your room. Acceptance, that's just what you need to do. Accept it all, and live your life to the fullest while you still have time.

I don't know and I haven't encounter a person who has lost the will to live because of a disease or a an illness. But I'm sure these people exist. They lost their will to live because they are afraid to die. They can't accept it and now they are isolating their self not enjoying the time that they have left. I know that it's really hard to accept especially if you are so strong and in just a snap, you will learned that you only have a little time to live. Death is part of being a human, our life is just borrowed and only Him can decide if when he will take it back.

Oh Gosh, Why I'm so serious here. I don't know why I suddenly thought of this topic. Maybe because of the quotes above, I just get that on the ebook that I read before in Wattpad. I just saw that here on my phone while browsing on my gallery. Maybe because I find the quotes a very good one that's why I decided to quote it. But anyway, let's not talk about death. Let's just talk about life and how beautiful it is to be alive in this world. We may face a lot of problems but it is just another battle that we have to face as a human.

They are given to us to make us more stronger and valiant? Like a soldier, that's important especially if you want to guard your heart, iwas heartaches lol. And there are times that a problems that is bigger than us will come, but human are stronger than that. It will look like a bigger one but with the right mindset and positivity for sure there is no deep sea in.. tagalugin ko nalang mga mare. "Walang malalim na dagat ang di kayang sisidin ng tao. Basta may tamang equipment mabubuhay kapa rin, para sa kanya!" I mean for yourself and for your family.

And, we are not alone in this world. We have other elements too that is so ready to help like Tikbalang, but kidding aside. We are not alone in this world. It's not like we have no one who we can ask for help in times of hard times. I'm sure there are someone out there who's ready to listen to all of your problems. You know, It's better to release all of what your emotions to a stranger than to our own family. So if you have no one then try it to others, even to a not so close friends. Pero wag kang maglalabas ng sama ng loob sa chismosa at baka kumalat sa buong mundo ang problema mo.

Just remember, life is still beautiful even if you think the world is against you for giving you a nonstop of problems. This is not just for adult but too all of us, even a kids can face a problem you know. To those student who's struggling because of their school and then was added by the happenings in the world, this pandemic and all. Don't let this break your dreams and goals. You can stop for a while to breath, pause all of what you're doing. Think, and be a brave warrior in the battle of life. Only then, you can survive this world, I want to add the "Cruel" word on that but be honest, It is us who's making our world a cruel one.


To be honest, I'm not in the mood to write an article now. But I can't understand my brain because even if I don't want to write, my hands can't stop tapping my keyboard as if my life was depended on it. I think I'm becoming a addict writer now? A wannabe one, lol. And as you can see, I didn't put much hugot on this one. Don't expect too much that you can get a good laugh on this episode because it's a serious one lol. And don't expect na mamahalin ka nya kahit maghubad kapa sa harapan nya!

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July 16, 2021


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Written by   936
2 months ago
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