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1 month ago

So, it's really possible to feel a strong emotions to someone even if you haven't meet that person yet. Like, something about him caught my attention and I feel like I am being pulled toward him. And because I like this feeling, I let it succumb me and I was just drifted closer to him. I just met him online - I don't know about the others but I really find him cute. But that's not the reason to why I like him, I'm not that shallow who only look at the physical appearance and will be in love that instant once you face to face him. It's different, it was Love at first read?

Wait, wait not really sure if it's Love but I really like his work. I mean, we actually met in a Cryptoblogging Site and that's where I read his work. And I was like wooshh kaboom - I feel like he's an intelligent guy who love writing. I like how express his thoughts about certain something tru blogging. His choice of words and I just like to interact with him and talk about anything. At first I'm just his silent readers. Seems like he's also a kind guy but he be cold sometimes like he doesn't care about anything - he's like a mystery to me. A total stranger yes, but I like him. I feel something for him.

You might say that it's impossible coz we're a total stranger from each other but this is real, this is a real thing. If it's not love then I don't really know what to call this. I enjoy chatting with him, I get jealous when he's talking with someone coz you know I'm kind of Possessive. I just want him only for me. I feel down whenever he ignore my comment sometimes. There is this one time that I commented in his post in and I'm the only one who didn't receive a reply from him. And I was so down, so jealous and so hurt. I just delete that comment of mine, I was really hurt.

Liking someone is not easy specially if you feel like he doesn't like you at all. And I'm just someone he knows but I really want to be someone special to him. Not just "Someone He know." And I'm the happiest when reacted to my post, like when he commented on it. I am like a kid who receive her favorite candy. I can't stop myself from giggling, lol. And just a thought about him give me a tingling sensation that well, I felt this kind of feeling to someone before but I know him for a long time now, we're still friend tho. He's one of my classmate and I can interact with him, look at him if I want to and daydream.

But the feeling I had for that guy is not as strong compare to the feelings I have right now for this guy - let's just call him ML. And, I also confess to ML just like what I did to my ex crush. My ex crush called me cute but he had to focus on his study so nothing happened,sad. And then I did it again to ML. I don't understand why he doesn't accept the fact that I like him. I mean, he ask me the reason why I like him coz as I was saying we are a total strangers. And he said it's impossible, or maybe I'm just curious or whatever. He didn't believe and he just shrug it off. So my confession is like nothing to him.

I mean, do I really have a reason to like someone? Isn't it a feelings that will just come at you, unexpectedly and you'll be caught off guard and you don't have a choice but to welcome it. Coz why not, It's a great and amazing feelings - it's good for my heart. After that confession I stop for a while and just focus my time to some things. I avoid interacting with him coz I was hurt too. I just need to give time for my heart to heal and forget him. I want to move on and..


But me moving on, didn't happen. Coz I can't really stop this feeling I have for him. So I continue communicating with him. Not much, but this already enough for me. I'm happy just being like this with him. And I'm not really sure what's his trip - he sometimes do sweet talk to me and me who's head over heels with him just can't contain my happiness. Those butterflies in stomach, I can finally feel that - I already experience that and it's real oh my gosh. It's not just an exaggeration coz it's real. See, what I feel for him is REAL. I feel like I'm going crazy whenever I receive a message from him. Just a simple one but I can felt that he cares for me.

You know I can't stop myself from hoping - that he's slowly developing a feelings for me. I'm allowed to do that right? Coz he's giving me hope. He makes me feel special and my heart who's very frail for him will surrender with all it's might, yiee. He call me Baby, and I call him that too. What we have doesn't have a name but in our heart I feel like we're together. We don't really need a label as long as we have a Mutual Understanding. That's all I need. We both busy in our study but we still take time to talk with each other. It become a habit, it's so addicting but this is the addiction that I don't want to disappear. It makes me feel high and Loved, hihi.

My feeling for him grew stronger, we also had misunderstanding sometimes but we will just talk it out then everything will be okay again. Communication is the key, especially to the kind of setup that we have. I'm all okay with this kind of setup of us. It's been like this for 2 years now and I feel like it's still the first time. The feeling is still there actually I'm sure now that it's Love. It is not just a crush, it's a strong feeling called Love. Everything is going smoothly, we're happy. We video call sometimes and talk about our life, dreams and the future where each of us was included. We act like a couple now and we just have to make it as official.

I plan to open up about it to you but, maybe you feel that I'll ask you about our relationship coz one day you just stop chatting me. It just stop, no more late night chat, no more morning greetings as in you just stop communicating with me. I even flooded your messenger with a lot of messages but to no avail - you just disappear. And it's been like this for 3 day now. Call be over reacting but this is the first time that you missed on sending a message to me. I am so anxious and I'm asking myself if I did something. But our last chat ended well so I don't really understand.

And right now, I am in my room staring at my Smartphone waiting for a message to pop-up. I've been like this for 3 days now. And I've been crying nonstop - my eyes is so itchy because of too much crying. But then, even if I cried a blood here if you don't want me anymore then... "I Miss You Baby." 😭 😭

I'm crying my heart out on my room when I heard a knock on my room. I don't have the plan to open it because I'm having my moment here. But my "bwisita" is persistent that I feel so annoyed that's why I decides to just look for it. I didn't even bother fixing my hair and my oversized t-shirt is so crumpled. "I don't care, for sure it's just my ate Parot, hmmm!"

I open my door and I've got the biggest surprise in my life. That moment, I just want to disappear in front of my 'visitor' and die! He saw me at my worst and I want to die. So I did what everyone will do if ever they are on my shoes. I just close the door, run on my room directly on the comfort room and took a shower. It's his fault, so he should wait! "I love You ML but I hate you too!"

After fixing my face I immediately open the door. And there you are, still waiting for me. And when you saw me you came closer to me and look at me in the eyes that make my knee buckled. And yeah, I'm really longing for your hug even before that's why I didn't hold myself back and do what's on my mind. I throw myself into your body and hug you tightly. And you just hug me back just as the same intensity as mine.

"Carms, Baby!"

"ML, Baby!"

"I'm here, yes I'm here."

"Why you didn't tell me this plan of yours. You don't know how scared I am when I didn't receive any message from you. I waited you know."

"Is that the reason why you have that puffy eyes baby? I'm sorry, I had to do that coz SURPRISE!"

"I really am surprise, but also annoyed - but well, you're here and I'm happy. That's what's important, Oh Gosh I can't still believe this. We are just talking and chatting on the phone but now. This is the best surprise that I ever receive baby. Thank you for coming and I Love You!"

"I'm actually nervous baby, here feel my heart. I feel like someone is running around inside my chest. I'm just nervous but more excited coz I can finally meet and see you baby. I love you! UwU!"

"Baby, I told you don't ever do that. Gosh, it's for girls only - but you're cute saying it so UwU. By the way, how long will you stay here?"

"I'm staying here for good baby, I found a work here that's why we will be together now. I already found an apartment just a few blocks away from him so we can be together now."

"OMG, really that's a good news. So, we'll have a date now every Sunday. We can finally take a selfie together and we can hodl hands like this. Oh My, what to do? I think - I think I'm gonna faint for too much happiness baby."

"Ha-ha-ha, don't worry. If you fall I'll catch you with my two hands together with my body. So that you will fall at me not in the ground. And Baby, I have a question to you. Will you be my Girlfriend?"

"Yiehhhh, finally YES! YES!"

Mwhwhwhwhw, wahhh finally it's done. This story is half fiction and half hmmm. So it's a half-half, lol. I just added a happy ending to what they have right now. I really hope, in the future mangyari tong scene na ito ayiehh.

Happy Reading! 😙💙

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September 04, 2021


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Written by   992
1 month ago
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