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7 Ways To Earn Cardano (ADA) - 2021

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1 cardano (ADA) = $ 0.31 US dollar

The rigorous process of peer-reviewed research makes blockchain sustainable. In short, Cardano has good opportunities to gain its fair share of the crypto market. Therefore, it is constantly moving upwards, making it a great choice for traders and new investors entering the crypto market.

Due to the proliferation of positive technical analysis, an incredibly strong Cardano currency forecast of $ 1 per ADA in 2020. Then it could reach $ 2 in 2021, and prices could double in the future.

What is cardano?

Cardano is a cryptocurrency network and open source project aimed at running a public blockchain platform for smart contracts. Cardano's internal cryptocurrency is called Ada. The development of the project is overseen by the Cardano Foundation, based in zuj, Switzerland.

Let's dive into the ways of earning:

1. Stake your cardano at Exodus

Exodus empowers people to control their wealth.

Exodus Gives You The Power to control, Secure, exchange and Manage cryptocurrency on desktop, mobile and hardware wallets. You can earn crypto rewards and easily set up a crypto passive income by staking cardano and you don't need to be an expert to earn passive income on this. Rewards app makes it super simple to earn crypto rewards on the assets you hold in your Exodus wallet.

If you don't already have Exodus on your computer or phone. Download the Exodus wallet for computer or phone.

Once you’ve downloaded the Exodus wallet you are ready to get started

Steps to stake on computer

  • go to settings and tap the Apps tab.

  • Enable the Exodus app then click instal and open.

  • You will see cardano 5.14% APY.

  • Tap "get reward" and "stake cardino" to earn rewards

When you stake cardano you will see a network fee of about 0.016217 ADA and a lot of this fee goes to Exodus it's simply the cost of transacting on the cardano network. Fortunately, the fee is quite negligible. Now, when you stake cardano, you're actually staking your address, and all the coins held by your true address will automatically earn rewards. And you no longer have to worry about staking any new cardano tokens that arrive in your wallet as long as staking is active. The more cardano you receivein the wallet, the more cardano you earn.

The best part is that the staking rewards are automatically sent to your wallet periodically. When you first stake you'll have to wait 25 days for your first reward. However, once those 25 days pass your cardano staking rewards arrive in your wallet every five days pretty cool, and your rewards also begin generating interest.

Steps to stake with phone.

  • Open the cardano asset

  • tap the badge icon in the top right corner.

  • Tap stake ADA and that's it.

  • Your rewards distribution is automatic.

Your cardano staking rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet after the waiting period. And as your wallet receives more cardano those funds will be automatically staked so you can earn even more. With Exodus you can still send receive and exchange cardano while staking your funds are not locked.

2. Cardano faucet

A Simple crypto faucet that allows you to get instant cryptocurrency every hour. You can claim up to 816.77103185 ADA ($ 300) per hour with continuous claim streak, MIN. WITHDRAW: 5.00000000 ADA, no withdrawal fee.


Free cardano every hour

Earn Free cardano every hour by playing a very simple game and win up to $ 300 worth of Free cardano! Your wallet will be rewarded with the click of a button!

Immediate withdrawal

You do not have to wait decades to get paid. You will get paid immediately as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount through freecardano Faucet. MIN. WITHDRAW: 5.00000000 ADA

Highly rewarding referral plan

Earn 50% of whatever your friends earn with Free cardano. Accordingly, they will receive 50% of what their referrals make and be motivated to participate, so bring as many friends as you can. The sky is the limit.

Free promotion

You do not have to wait 1 hour to get free cardino! Follow free cardano on Twitter to get free promo codes, which will allow you to get additional extra rolls without waiting, which will increase your chances of getting more hits - which is why freecardano is 100% unique.

3. Althub club

Althub is a Multicoin faucet that give you the option to your earn more than one cryptocoin in the same site. Althub let's you can earn 14 differents coins altcoins and mine, there are many options to reap the benefits. This faucet may become your job because it has a lot of things to do, making it a growing crypto-currency. The more you claim Ada with the continuous streak, the greater your reward.

  • Type: Faucet (30 minutes, multiple coins).

  • Maximum power claim: 100% with continuous streak.

  • Feature: Shortlink, Mining, Exchange, Offers, PTC, Lottery, Level System, Power Claim / Loyalty Bonus, ALTH Coin, Mining Game.

  • Referral Commission: 20%.

  • Payment method: Currency wallet (TRX, XVG, DOGE, ETN, SYS, ADA, XLM, RDD, LTC, ETC, PIVX, DGB, BTT, STRAT), Payeer (RUB).

4. Coinpanda

Coinpanda is multiauto faucet hub.

The company offers challenges, pay-to-click, surf, turbo claims and faucet. Members earn through referrals.

You can get paid with 30 different coins, you can choose cardano or any other coins to earn with.

How much you can earn?

You earn 0.014123 ADA for each claim when you're at 1st level and you get 0.016217 ADA at 6th level. Higher the level higher your claims. You can earn you 1125 claims from 20 shortlinks. You also get +10 experience for each shortlink.



You earn 30 claims from faucet for every 15 mins.

Daily challenge

Daily challenges gives you more claims - when you complete all of the shortlinks and claim from the faucet at least 35 times which gives an extra 925 claims. Directly credited to your dashboard.

Turbo power

Turbo power multiply your claims rewards into 10 times. This turbo power applies for ptc/shortlinks, faucets, offer wall, pretty much each and every action you perform on the platform.

Minimum requirement for turbo claim is 1000 claims/sat.


You get 12% of all claims, made by your referrals.

Short link

Short links are the PTC (Paid to Click), a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a small amount of money each time one of their ads is clicked by the user. On average user earns anywhere between 50 - 100 claims/sat per click.


Offerwall list multiple “offers” that you can complete in exchange for receiving a reward, on average user get 10 claims/sat per visit which can be redeemed to cardano.

5. Coinlend

Coinlend's is a lending platform uses bot to provide financing at an optimal interest rate, based on a mechanism developed by the company to constantly monitor the digital property market. The result is spending less time monitoring with increased income and credit accounts. All you need to do is open an account with Coinlend ,register and link your API credentials from the transactions to the Coinlend account. There is no additional risk in using Coinlend. Coinlend has no ability to retrieve or trade a user's status without a user's private key. Coinlend's bots have helped generated over $ 20,000,000 for 15,000 users. Coinlend generates over 180,000 loans daily.

Supported platforms like Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Liquid.

If you want to lend cardano or other digital currencies , CoinLend is a great way to earn from the crypto you hold.


Fully automatic

Fully Automatic Loan at Best Interest Rate - 24/7!

Simple setup

Set up your bot with two steps.

AI powered

Credit mechanisms are powered by Coinlend’s proprietary artificial intelligence, which constantly improves real-time income.


The coins are 100% safe. Funds cannot be withdrawn via the API key.

6. Idle-Empire

Earn your free Cardano, all you have to do is sign up for an account in Idle-Empire, respond to some paid surveys, watch videos or complete offers and quickly redeem your points for cardino. Idle-Empire will send Cardano to your Coinbase account immediately and with zero charges. You can keep cardano or send it to Coinbase account or send it to your own wallet.

How does it work?

1. Register on Idle-Empire

2. Start Earning Points

3. Redeem Cardano

7. Earn crypto

Join Earncrypto and get rewarded Cardano for doing things you've already done online. Earn crypto is easier than mining and more profitable than faucets.

Get Free ADA at Erncrypto by:

Completion of surveys

Complete sponsored surveys to get free ADA. Some can be done everyday!

Play games

Download and play various mobile games to get more free ADA.

Referring friends

Everything is great with friends. Refer friends and earn every time they earn!

Watching videos

Earn ADA from watching videos. Short videos that play in your browser or on your mobile phone.

______________THE END_______________


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Written by   273
1 month ago
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Thanks for sharing this, i have been looking for some ways to get in to ada

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1 month ago

Glad to know that! Feel free to ask anything thank you so much

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1 month ago

Read this with so much interest and I wasn't disappointed! I know of a few like the hourly faucet though I didn't know the entire breakdown so thank you but there is so much more. Staking is something I am looking into this year onwards and the Exodus one got me. I have explored ADA a bit and the idea of holding some is appealing but staking them seems even more enticing.

Thank you for sharing.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Staking is nearly as profitable as the mining or trading of cryptocurrencies, and without risk. Exodus uses cold staking feature, that let you stake with zero risk.

I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you so much! Feel free to ask anything!

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1 month ago

Sounds like something I would be interested in but still want to understand the mechanisms of trading and the world of NFTs.

Can I just say that you have compiled everything in your posts (already perusing the rest) in the simplest of ways so its digestible for any mind?

Keep on :)

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1 month ago

You are right! Especially, it is easy to read for newcomers. And nobody likes to read these days, they just simply want the information, if they could download it to their brain they would.

I mainly focus on that one.

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1 month ago