Animated ZEY NFTs: What are they?

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2 years ago

A pleasant day to each and ever yone. Today, I will be posting about the current animated ZEY NFTs, which I have minted. Some of you have seen them already, and in fact, few of you may have claimed one for free from me.

In this topic, I will not just state them. I will also provide the animations, provide some upcoming ZEY NFTs and also to hear from you and ask for suggestions from you so that ZEY NFTs will further improve.

It was two weeks ago when I first posted an update about this thing. I named the post as: ZEY NFTs: There is Something Moving?. From here, I started to find ways how I can actually make animated NFTs and from the same day I started making one and it was successful. I have seen some animated NFTs before that is why I have made one too to give it a try.

So, let's get started with this one:

This is animated Mimy. I no longer have this NFT 'cause I have given it to someone who are one of my virtual friends here. It was the first animated ZEY that I have ever minted and I can't say if I will be adding more of its kind.


This is from the Galaxy theme and as you may have notice, it grows bigger and bigger. I may add more from this type and I hope you will purchase one.

The most recent:

These two links will lead you to the two recent animated ZEY NFTs that I have minted. They were from the theme of maxi boys and mimies and I put some animations like grow and turn, rotation, and float in. Have you noticed it?

Just a trivia, I have given fifty ZEY NFTs already and it is higher as compared to approximately twenty ZEY NFTs that I have sold in the Juungle. But it's okay, I hope that one day, people will also notice it and find more its value.

And just a recap, here are the current themes of ZEY NFTs:

The Maxi Boys

Maxi Boys: A Special ZEY NFT Theme?

The Mimies

Mimies and Maxi Boys: ZEY NFTs Special Themes

Bright Flowerdeas

Bright Flowerdeas: ZEY NFT Theme

Galaxy-Themed ZEYs

Galaxy-Themed ZEY NFTs: The Phoenix

Galaxy-Themed ZEY NFTs: The Lilac

Galaxy-Themed ZEY NFTs: The Arpinian.

Cute Characters

Cute Characters: ZEY NFT Theme

Amazing Sceneries

Amazing Sceneries: ZEY NFT Theme

And now, a new one has been added and it was names Amazingly Animated ZEY NFTs. This theme contains ZEY NFTs that are animated. It involves all the other themes and made them animated. There are animated Galaxy-themed ZEY NFTs, Cute Mimies, Maxi Boys, among others.

I am not sure if when will I add more themes but as for now, I hope you appreciate all these stuff and arts which I made. I may not be the best artist but I hope you like these things. I am always giving my best in every thing I do and I hope you do the same.

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That is all for this post guys. I hope you have enjoyed knowing all these things about ZEY NFTs. Two days from now, I will be celebrating my second month here in and also in If you ask me if there are surprise, I won't tell you. Because if I do, it won't be a surprise anymore. Continue achieving goals. May God bless us all. Thank you!

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2 years ago


Talagang gamay na gamay mo na ang pagmimint bata. Kagaling ee. Kung may pc or lappy lang talaga ako, nakuu pag aaralan ko yan kahit di ako magaling sa art ahahaha.

Anyway, masyado mony sinisipagan talaga ee. Ayos na ayos yan.

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2 years ago

Hindi naman po hahaha. Bumili ka na kasi ng lappy para makagawa ka na rin ate parot haha

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2 years ago

Haha not a good idea. Baba ni BCH ngayon so maybe next time nalang.

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2 years ago