And the Finale

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Who would imagine that with all the things that happened even in my past, only one person is behind these things? Well, it's proof that judging a book just by its cover is not accurate sometimes.

Now I understand how surprised she is the first time we meet in school. Those smiles she threw have different meanings. They were fake and the reason is now as clear as a crystal.

When I saw her family picture on her desk, only one place came into my mind. Probably, she's going to her original home - the place where I am now living.

"Come on, guys. Let's go to our house." I said to the two. Though I still hate him, I need his help in case something will happen there.

We used Honey's car. While on the road we're talking about Ms. Ana.

"All this time, you know that Ms. Ana is behind it since you're one of his men," I said to Jace. "Yes, I admit that I was one of his men, but I already told you my reason. And believe it or not, it's just now that I found out that she's the real mastermind. I have never seen her face before. We rarely see her and each time she calls us, she always has a mask on her fave and she always uses voice changer so we don't really recognize her." He explained.

I did not say anything after that. I just look at the window. I want to be angry but I just can't do it. I was raised by my biological parents being a humble lady. Never did I planted hate in my heart before. But in just a snap of a finger, here I am now while taking revenge, which I don't know if it's really an act of revenge.

But I can't just forgive her after all the things she had done. I just let justice do its job to her.

The car's engine has stopped. "We're here now," said Honey.

The house was very silent. Something that is really unusual to me. My adoptive father always plays classic songs at this hour. But why it seems like there is something fishy.

Anyways, I have expected it already. Maybe she's currently there inside the house. What I am worried about is the possible thing she might do to her own parents.

When I opened the door, I just felt something that hit my head. When I gained back my consciousness, I just realized that we're now being held as hostages. I look around but Jace is not here. Honey, on the other hand, is at my side and she is still unconscious. My adoptive parents were on the other side. Their mouth was covered by duck tape.

"It's good that you are not awake, dear." Ms. Ana said right in front of my face.

"What is this? What do you want?" I said while my blood pressure seemed to rise up. While Ms. Ana is talking, I felt that Honey touches my elbow. She silently said that I should cover her and divert Ms. Anna's attention while she tries to call for some help.

"If before, you got lucky. I will make sure that you will not have any other chance." It's gonna be the end for you, Hannah." She said then laugh maniacally.

This side of her is something unusual. "Why aren't you hiding your face with your mask?" I asked to divert her attention. "Good," Honey said quietly.

"Are you kidding? lol. Isn't it obvious that you will not gonna see this face ever again?" She said and laugh again. But this time, her mood swung. She's now very angry.

She looks crazy. That's an understatement. Her parents started crying. She stepped towards them and say, "if only you agreed that you two will come with me and leave this place, you will not experience it. Since you're in favor of this lady who is not even a relative of yours, well I have no choice but to dispose you now." She said then she removed the tape on her parent's mouth.

"Please Hannah, don't do this. I am begging you." Mom said while crying. "Don't call me by that name! I already changed it!" I can really feel the anger in her voice. "And stop begging me because I don't need that! Never!" She said and now she's crying. I just find out we have the same name.

She is about to slap her own mother who won't stop from crying when we heard the sound of incoming police mobiles. "F*CK. We're screwed." She said. "Who the h*ll called the police?" she added.

"You are now surrounded. Surrender now." A voice from a megaphone was heard.

She commanded her men to take a look outside but right after going out, they were gunned. All of her men fell to the ground with their eyes wide open and blood is continuously flowing.

All of us screamed in fear. She's now just alone. All her men are now possible dead.

"I'm warning you. I will kill them all if you're going to enter this house." She shouted.

"Just surrender peacefully Ms. Anna. We will not hurt you." The police said.

"I will never do that after what you did to them! Give me a helicopter or else I will kill them now. Just a few seconds, she fired her gun in the ceiling. We all screamed again and now the four of us are crying.

"Okay. Let's talk about it first. But please stop firing."

The negotiation takes a little while. The police agreed to send a helicopter here. But she still did not free us. Her father tried to talk to her but she got pissed off and fired her gun at him. I saw how shocked she is but then she said he deserves it for being an interloper.

"Please, stop firing your gun. The plane is now near." The police officer said.

When the plane finally came, she held me as her hostage. I was trying to beg her but she said she'll kill me right now if I won't stop doing it. She's pointing her gun to the police while stepping towards the plane. The other hostages are now safe.

An ambulance arrived and immediately carried her father who seemed critical right now. I can't help but cry.

All eyes were on us. The police officers' guns were pointing towards us.

"Please, don't fire it. I don't wanna die. I am begging you." I said while crying.

When she's just one step away from the plane, I ready myself. Right before she entered, I nudged her. The police officers then shoot her.

"Don't," someone said. But then the officers did not listen. I saw how many bullets hit her. It was a nightmare viewing it right in front of my eyes.

I thought it's over now. But it seems like the other meaning of it is what happened. I feel excruciating pain in my stomach as I fell to the ground. My eyes become blurry and the sound I hear is slowly becoming inaudible. Before I closed my eyes, I saw my mother's face and she's smiling at me.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Action/Drama/

Date Started: July 8, 2021
Date Finished: July 22, 2021
Status: Completed

Note that it is just fiction. Any names, places, events, and other things that are mentioned here are just the product of my imaginations.

Chapters Available:

1 - And it Begins/ 2 - Some New Friends/ 3 - An Acquaintance Party/ 4 - The Rising Action/ 5 - A Traitor/ 6 - Now Unmasked/ 7 - Deciphering the Real Enemy/ 8 - The Past Keeps on Haunting/ 9 - Remember it Again/ 10a - One More Secret/ 10b - The Real Mastermind/ 11 - And the Finale

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Well atleast you fight at the end.

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You may enjoy it by reading the full story :)

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Adda pay pafiring firing na makapanerbyos hehe.

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Hahahaha opo. Pero di ako masyadong marunong magsulat ng action haha.

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ayos naman, julez. natuwa ako hehe

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sinadya ko pa pong i-cliffhanger yung ending haha

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