Now Unmasked

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Chapter 6

Two more students experienced the same. Like what happened to Evangeline and Alex, Cassandra and Gil also fell to the ground, there are bubbles coming out from their mouth, and then suddenly they experience seizures.

I have been recalling the events that happened at the party the other day since yesterday and my gut feel is pointing Jace to have been the mastermind. I must be thankful to him for pouring out the juice, but to think of it, it is not just a coincidence. It seems he really knew it. I just can't find the connection of the woman I saw beside the serving area to Jace because I did not see her face. It's her dress which seemed familiar is what I can only remember.

"Ms. Hannah, are you listening?" Miss Anna asked.

"Yes, ma'am. I am listening." I said immediately. Then I saw her raised her brows. She grinned and I know what she's thinking now. She might ask me a question about our topic today, and it seems like I can't answer it because, in reality, I am not listening since the start of our class today.

"So what is communication then?" I feel relieved because somehow, I did an advanced study in this subject and it is one of what I have studied.

I stand up and answered, "communication is the process of conveying thoughts from one person to another."

"Very good. You may now sit down." She said. "Again class, if I caught you not listening in my class, just be ready to answer my questions because if you don't I will let you stand up until the class ends.

The class discussion ends with an activity. We are tasked to interview a foreigner and after that, we will do an essay about our observations, especially how they speak and communicate.

When the bell rings, I wait for Honey but she's been avoiding me since last time. I go out and waited for Jace. I hide somewhere so that he won't notice me. Just a few minutes, an announcement was broadcasted on the whole campus.

"Announcement. A message from the office was received just now. Due to the happenings lately, all class this afternoon is hereby suspended. You are advised to go home now and don't go somewhere else. The thing that happened to the four students is serious and so an investigation is currently ongoing. Thank you."

It seems like we have a long weekend. Before I fell into the trap and fantasize about what will I do, I remembered that I am actually looking for Jace. I look inside their room but he's no longer there. I look around, and I see someone who seemed to be him, so I run immediately.

I do not know if it is the best thing I should do or if the things that I am doing right now are the best thing to do. All I just want is to know whether he is really involved and solve this mystery.

Just like what he used to, he entered a building situated at a pace where only a few houses are built, all I think are 10 meters away from each other, and only a few vehicles pass by, including us since our house is just a hundred meters away from here.

I hide behind this old tree that is one meter in diameter, I think. Minutes had passed but I don't see anyone coming out from it. I look at my watch and it is now 2:57 pm. 3 more minutes before the hour hand of my watch touches 3.

When I heard some sound of laughing men who seemed to come out from the building, my phone rings. It was mom. I answer it and said in my softest tone that I will be home soon. I heard her ask why it's quiet and where I am but I decided to turn it off because they might catch me spying here.

I carefully focus my attention there. Three guys came out and one of them is wearing a mask. The other two have big bodies while the one who has a mask has a medium body built. The mask is very familiar. It seems like I have already seen it before, I just can't remember when.

A few more moments and I saw him remove his mask. I saw his face with my two eyes. I was shocked. I don't know if I am panicking or it is just excitement for finding the possible culprit that is why I am trembling right now.

I get my phone from my pocket and took video footage as evidence. Unfortunately, he caught me taking a video. It's my fault. My phone's flash was turned on.

"Whoever are you who is hiding in that tree, come out if you don't want to get injured." One of these bad guys said.

I take a deep sigh and count one to three. I do not know where I got this courage but I came out from my hiding place. Jace was shocked, just exactly what I expected. I already expected that he's involved but never did I think that he's the real mastermind.

The two men are holding guns and they are pointing them at me. I was raising my two hands while staying away from them. Though, they were coming near to me also. I thought to myself that I should not give up on them.

It's now or never. So, I did an excuse. "There are two dogs out there," I said while pointing at their back.

The moment they turned their head, I took the chance to run. When they realized I am just fooling them, they began shooting me. I run as fast as I could while trying to dodge the bullets. I do not want to die yet so I continue running.

A bullet almost hit my arm. Luckily, it just barely hit my arm. I am now in the middle of the highway, and they still keep on shooting me. If I am not mistaken six bullets have been fired. they only have six more bullets since they're using a revolver.

I ask for some help from the car that passes but no effect. Even if my legs are already hurting, I continue running while the two guys are laughing and tried to shoot me for two more bullets. Jace on the other hand is stopping the two but they won't listen to him, something that made me doubt.

Fortunately, a car stopped just exactly when I felt that my legs will now give up from running. I feel relieved when I was inside the car already. I thank the driver while I was catching my breath.

Because of fright and tiredness, I lose my consciousness inside the car.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Action/Drama/

Date Started: July 8, 2021
Date Finished: n/a
Status: Ongoing

Note that it is just fiction. Any names, places, events, and other things that are mentioned here are just the product of my imaginations.


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aigoooo akala ko mild lang to pero nung may bullets na and it's kinda real not a toy gun i got chills and bakit pinipigilan ni Jace and dalawang kasama niya? hmmm

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1 year ago

What if nag iimbestiga lang din si Jace tapos ito namang si Hannah nag act agad. Or is he really the mastermind? Why I feel like it's Honey 🤔

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1 year ago

Nasa kalahati pa lang ng istorya ahehehe. The characters are just being developed in this stage. Don't worry ate parot, malalaman mo din soon ang totoong mastermind.

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