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A Traitor

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4 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

Chapter 5

I woke up when I feel something wet that is being applied to my forehead. My eyes were blurry at first. I saw mom's face and she's smiling.

"Thank God, you're now awake." She said. "How did I manage to go home?" I asked.

"The school's nurse called me so we immediately go there to get you home. At first, I thought you have been in a very serious condition. But thank God because the nurse said you might just lose consciousness because of tiredness." Mom answered.

After that, I have taken medicine because I have a fever. My body temperature is 38 degrees celsius.

When I wake up in the morning, I feel better already. I was fixing my bed when the event yesterday popped up in my mind. I immediately get my phone and tried calling Honey.

I heard her phone ringing in the other line. A few seconds have passed and she's not answering it. I tried again but she rejects it. I feel nervous now because I don't know what happened to her. I tried calling her mom and she responded.

"Good morning, Tita. This is Hannah, Honey's friend. Is she okay?" I asked.

"Good morning too, dear. Yes, she's fine. But she is still having a rest." She answered.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that she's okay.

"Can I talk to her, po?" I heard her asking Honey. Honey said, "just say I'm fine."

I don't know what happened next that time that made her mad at me. I want to go there to their house but I also have to take a rest. To avoid getting more stress, I just lay down again in my bed and tried to sleep.

In the evening, I started writing more observations. I have a strong feeling that Jace is behind all these things that happened. I really need to tell it to Honey as soon as we meet.

The only problem I have is that she's mad at me. She did not say it but I can feel it based on what I heard a while ago when I called her mom. I am thinking of things on how I should approach her tomorrow.

After writing some links and connections of Jace to the two victims, I still cannot find enough proof that will point him as the main suspect in everything that had happened in the past few days.

The harder I try to think deeper, the more pain I feel in my head. I just closed my eyes and tried to sleep even if there are many things running in my mind right now.

I went to school early today. There are just some students who are passing by in the hallway. A few more minutes from now, this area will become noisy as more students will enter.

A familiar car stops just in front of where I was standing. I saw Honey get out from hit. She says bye to her father then proceeds to walk in the hallway.

I smiled when our eyes met. She did not smile. She went in a different direction. I expected it already but I really wanted to talk to her right now.

I ran to where she was right now and luckily she did not run too. When I was beside her already, she stopped walking. "Just say what you want now because I still have something to do." She said directly.

I did not answer immediately because I am catching my breath. "It's Jace. It's him."

She grinned. "Yeah I know, you're his type. So what now? Is that all you wanted to say? Time is moving forward."

"That's not what I mean. He's the mastermind." I quickly said.

She laughs as if I said a funny thing. "Are you fooling me, Hannah? If that's the case, I have no time for that. I have to go now."

She started walking now but I stopped her. "Why are you so sensitive? Aren't you taught with some manners?" She said that makes me frowned. "Yes, I know you're pretty and everything but please don't make me a fool. I know your game. So please stop it now 'cause it's not funny!" She angrily said.

I really can't understand now what is happening. "What are you trying to say? I am not playing games with anyone here. I am just being worried to you, to anyone else who got involved with the current happenings. Is that bad for you?" I also said angrily because I don't know where she's getting the anger she feels towards me.

"Come on, Hannah. Have you forgotten what happened the other day?" She exclaimed.

"Jace tricked us and someone covered your mouth which caused you to lose your consciousness. Then the same thing happened to me. That's all I can remember and that is the reason why I said a while ago that it is possible that it's Jace who is behind all of these things." I explained.

"I never thought you're such a liar." She said with a trace of regrets on her face.

"But why? I can't remember anything I've done wrong." I said while trying to stop myself from crying.

"You smiled when someone is covering my nose and mouth. I thought you're my friend, but I think I befriend the wrong person."

This time I can't stop the tears from falling. I know myself better than anyone else. But why it feels like I did those things she said? Am I really a bad friend?


I really can't focus this day. We are currently discussing something in our General Math subject, but all the things that enter from my ear just exit from the other one.

What makes me even sad today is that Honey moved into a different seat. I am now just alone here at the center. Everyone seemed to disregard me.

After our class, I went to the canteen without anyone at my side. When I got my food, I sat down at our usual spot. Honey is not there. She's now at the other table. She looks happy while talking to her newly found friends.

While eating, someone sat in the chair from the other side of the table. I look at him and it was Jace. My blood pressure seemed to rise up. I throw him a sharp look.

"What I have done to you that makes you do what you did the other day, huh?" I asked him directly.

"Honey's right. You really do not know what you're talking about." He said while eating.

"But why? I can't understand what you are saying!" I said while stopping myself from crying again.

He did not respond. I haven't finished eating yet but I get my bag and walked out. I went to the CR and from there, I release every confusion and anger that I felt.

After calming myself, I get out of the comfort room. I saw Jace waiting outside. I just passed over him. When he noticed me, I walk fast.

"Wait, Hannah." He said. "I'm sorry for what I said a while ago. I did not mean it."

I stopped walking and looked at him. "Just listen," he said. "It's Honey. She's the traitor," he added.

"Liar!" I said and went back to our classroom.

After our class this day, I really feel exhausted. I immediately sleep when I got home. I just woke up when we have our dinner then sleep again afterward.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Action/Drama/

Date Started: July 8, 2021
Date Finished: n/a
Status: Ongoing

Note that it is just fiction. Any names, places, events, and other things that are mentioned here are just the product of my imaginations.


1 - And it Begins

2 - Some New Friends

3 - An Acquaintance Party

4 - The Rising Action

5 - A Traitor

Next Chapter:

6 - Now Unmasked

Special Notes:

All Other Images used in this article (without watermark) are Copyright Free Images from Pixabay and Unsplash.

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Written by   196
4 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)
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Natypo ka ata sa last bata, it's should be Honey diba? Hannah ata nailagay mo sa last part when Jace said it to Hannah.

Anyway, di ko talaga mahulaan kung anong nangyari. Ang pinaamoy ba sa kanila ang ung pampa hallucinate o ano?

$ 0.01
4 months ago

Thanks Ate ruffa haha. Natypo nga ako :)

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Oh myyy huhu sino ba talaga. But I am a bit confused on the last part. You mean, Honey's the traitor? From Jace perspective? I think you mistype the name 😅

$ 0.01
4 months ago

Opo hehe. Sorry pinalitan ko na :)

$ 0.00
4 months ago

It's okay 🧡

$ 0.00
4 months ago

huh? confusion does that mean Hannah has a split identity???????????

O em GEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! and that's why Honey reacted like that ..

$ 0.01
4 months ago

You will find it out soon po. :)

$ 0.00
4 months ago

will wait for that...dami ko na questions sa utak ko but yeah i will be patiently waiting mwehehehhe

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Okay po hehe enjoy reading :)

$ 0.00
4 months ago

will do beb!

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Okay po pero I might not be able to update it today. I am editing video po kasi.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

it's fine though..i'm willing to wait din naman heheh

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4 months ago