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How To Be Noticed By Prominent People?

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1 month ago

Who wouldn't like to be noticed by prominent people on the platform like Sir Marc Demesel and others? I think everyone right? Because along with their notice they'll give you a tip, and that is money.

Many users here keep tagging Marc because they have seen that he tipped big amounts, without them knowing they are spamming Marc's notification that sometimes leads to their account tag as spam.

What you should do and avoid so you'll be noticed by prominent people on the platform?

I've seen the rising numbers of newbies on the platform, I don't know if they are new ones or old ones hiding new user names but whatever it is, they started their journey as beginners.

Some are wishing and hoping how to get noticed especially by Marc, but you know it's not easy to get their attention and if your only goal is to get their attention then read. cash is not for you.

If you are passionate about writing it will be shown in your works, Marc Demesel tips an article not just crypto-related topics or BCH. Some articles talk about the life that he tipped considerably. The article may be touched his heart as he is a good father and a good man, although some seeing his downside as being a polygamous man. But for me, that doesn't change the fact that he is a good man with a generous heart.

I'll show you some writings that are not crypto-related but he tipped.

Where you clueless as I was? This article from Fexonice1 that doesn't talk about crypto, it's all about his life experiences and learning from his failure.

I believe after this article Fexonice1 was continuesly being noticed by Marc and tipped his articles about Bitcoin Cash.

Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman this is my article, it's never a crypto related topics but he tipped it $300. Maybe he agreed on my thoughts in there or he appreciates woman sacrifices and every pain we have to go through.

I never thought he'll tip this one, I was surprised.

I know you are grateful that the site is fully funded by Marc and you get tips from the robot which comes from his pocket, but tagging him will be bothersome on his notification especially if you don't have any relevant information you have written on your article that might catch his attention.

Your tag will spam his notifications and sometimes that can cause harm to your account, you will be tag as spam so please avoid doing that.

You can tag him but only seldom if he tipped you or you have a recent discussion with him that way it's not just a random tag.

Don't tag anyone that you are not associated with especially when you see they belong to the top tippers, make genuine interactions with them if you'd like to be noticed by them.

Usually, Marc and other generous tippers here tips article that talks about BCH, of course, this is BCH powered platform so it's not that unfair that they'll reward those who tackle BCH, its background, fundamentals, and developments.

In my case, I didn't just learn about BCH just because I will write about it and hoping Marc will notice, of course, there's a little hope on that but I tried to learn more about BCH because I believe in it, not just that I love the coin lol. I should not love a coin, but damn it with BCH I cannot avoid it because why not? The coin has strong fundamentals, a promising future, and most of all “warmest community” I am with. People behind BCH are awesome, even tho they keep banging each other with BTC Maxis. I still find their awesomeness to the highest level!

Some people are free riders, they are observing what did Marc Demesel has tipped then try to write about it.

During the times when Marc starting giving huge tips, some users also publish articles especially about BCH when “Mobtwo Article got $10,000” many joined the fun writing about BCH lol.

Mobtwo shares BCH awareness in their place, so basically the tips he got funded his awareness campaign. Next was Jonathan Silverblood when he got the same amount with Mobtwo but without other users knowing he is the lead developer of Anyhedge so the tip he got helped to fund the development of Anyhedge.

If you see the top articles and click the “Year” mostly the highest ones are about BCH, an article that speaks development or that can help educate newcomers in the BCH ecosystem.

Or if you defend BCH against its rivals, like defending your own life, it shows you have great beliefs on BCH. Just like this articles,

Defending Bitcoin Cash against BSV Fanboi attacks.

Or developments and progress of BCH projects,

An Awesome Year With ReadCash And Bitcoin Cash is still a baby - 6 months of making noise

Educational article about Bitcoin Cash like this, if it's okay to call BCH as an investment.

Is It Wrong To Think Bitcoin Cash As An Investment?

If you noticed, he also tipped articles that are about “Achieving full BCH”, I believe he does reward it because somehow it can inspire other people to be active in the community (read&noise). When #Club1BCH was born he even Tweeted about it, he was happy that the club existed as we have awakened the interest of our fellows in holding or investing with BCH.

Let your work make a spotlight for you, which means let your work do the noise instead of tagging random users.

If you like to be noticed by prominent users in the platform make sure your works can provide learning details, can influence readers, and can touch their hearts.

Give your best in every article you publish, because who knows that will bring you a spotlight. Give your best insights about the topic you are going to tackle.

If you aim to be on top, to be noticed by prominent people don't just write for the sake of monetizing daily, give your best shot on it.

Closing Thoughts

There's nothing wrong with blogging daily with random stuff you have, it is still content but giving your best in every article you make can somehow guarantee that you'll be noticed by the people you don't expect to notice you. Consistency in writing, continues learning and keep improving.

I'll write a continuation about this article, in the next I'll show you who are regular users that got noticed by Marc and other prominent BCH enthusiast, I'll also explain why they've got their noticed, why they are being noticed? Do they have special skills or what? But only if you are interested lol 😆

Thank you for reading!

Date Published: August 4, 2021

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Written by   935
1 month ago
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