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1 month ago

Hello, hello. Beautiful and kind people of I have disappeared from for 2 days, I was not feeling well so on December 2 and 3 I did not write. Oh, I have missed my December daily writing challenge as well, but that's ok, I will have other challenges in mind. There are still plenty of great days to write daily. Welcome once again to one of my long articles hahaha.

Saturday, December 4th

As I was telling you in the previous article (this is the second part) I had earned since I started on until that moment $95, I was very close to $100. The last time I had checked I had $101 and just now before publishing it I saw that I have $102, but as I had already made the image I decided to leave it at $101.

November earnings (continued)

"$50 in one month in" this article is about how I made it until I reached that amount of money, but it was really less time that it took me to get there, if you notice I published it on November 16th and I started on October 21st, it was not even a month yet. This article gave me the biggest profit I have ever had which was $8.31 I was really surprised, really thank you so much for helping me get to that amount.

"Sand, water and salt" reviewing my photos I remembered many trips I made, especially to Araya, so I decided to write this article left me a profit of $3,41. I thought it was fantastic, and I loved writing this story, but I couldn't finish it, so I made a second part.

"I dream of returning" is the second part of "sand, water and salt" I used to travel a lot to Araya, so I have a lot of memories and I miss traveling and visiting my family very much. The last time I went to Araya was with some friends from Puerto la Cruz, we really enjoyed the warm weather and the cold beach, we also enjoyed the view from the highest part of the castle. It was a lot of fun to travel. I won $1.94 on this article

"Temptation and Sins" I kept looking at oldies and pictures and stumbled upon this place. Luis used to play there on weekends with a band he had. It is an excellent place to eat and share, while listening to music from the 80's and 90's. Although it won't be like it will be nowadays, with all that has happened since the pandemic and the music group broke up completely. This article earned me $1.78

"Don't let a cloud ruin your light" oh, that day was a day filled with lots of light. I was quietly in the bathroom brushing my teeth when suddenly the bathroom has been plunged into darkness. In the mornings I don't turn on the bathroom light, because enough sunlight comes in, but at that moment a big cloud covered the sun, leaving everything dark. So I came up with that title. There are times where we start our day badly, maybe because we wake up late to go to work or we burn our tongue with coffee and spend the whole day badly because of that. But those things happen for a few seconds and we let them bother us during the 24 hours we have in the day, so I made that article, let's try not to bother us during the whole day for a few seconds annoyance, because we will ruin a day of our wonderful life and time is the only one we can't repeat, so we must not waste it. I won $1.66 on this article.

"How to write in your sleep?" This article gave me a lot of laughs, because it was a day Luis found me writing for, but I was asleep, I had all the words in my mind, my eyes were closed and my hands typing non-stop. I don't know how I managed to do that but I did it. Writing this article I remembered when Luis helped me write a musical score but this time he was the one who was asleep, the next day he didn't remember anything that happened. I think it is like a "super power", but when we wake up we do not remember what happened. This article, which I did while I was awake, earned me $3.21.

"Travel days" I had to travel in those days because my mother would have a birthday, so I was preparing to travel, in this article I talk about the things I do when I go on a trip and some things that bother me when I travel. This article generated me a profit of $2,26.

"Oh no, what horror" The day before was musician's day, so I congratulated my friend @rebeysa85 I wanted to make a surprise, but oh no... I couldn't do my article of that day as I wanted, besides I traveled and arrived very late and tired to my parents' house, however I wrote for, even though I didn't have strength anymore. To date I have not been able to do the article I wanted, but that's ok, I will replace it with another one hahaha This day I lived many crazy things, like I fell off the first bus, this was long before going to the passenger terminal to go to my parents' house. This article gave me a very nice profit of $4.76. So it was worth it to fall off and be late hahaha.

"Pre Birthday" My mom's birthday was fast approaching, so we went out on this day to shop for gifts with her, as many as could be bought. We bought one before we saw her, so there was only 1 gift she wasn't expecting. All the others she looked at and picked out, it would have been very hard to buy her a pair of shoes without knowing which ones they liked or if it would fit her or not. Then we walked around a big mall, like we used to do before, took lots of pictures since everything was decorated for Christmas and ate some delicious ice cream. This wonderful article left me with a profit of $2.62.

"Mother, be happy forever" I loved the happiness my mother had when she received all the gifts even though she was already expecting them, but better was her surprised face with the last gift, which was in Luis' bag. It was what she had wanted for a long time and we were able to give her that gift. My mother cried with emotion. I would like her to be happy forever, to be grateful for all that life has given her. This valuable article for me made me a profit of $1.68.

"I am so happy" I wrote this article the day after my mother's birthday. I was so happy, my mother enjoyed her birthday very much and received many gifts. My father made a delicious meal and we enjoyed it as a family and with some neighbors, so why wouldn't I be happy? I also got some beautiful cat earrings that I combined with a cat shirt that Luis gave me for my birthday. On this super happy day I won $3.23 on this item.

"Miracles, petitions, celebrations and luck..." That day was the day of the Miraculous Virgin, so I asked for a lot of health to my family and friends. That day was also the anniversary of Cumaná. On those dates there is a celebration called "Noches de Antaño" (Nights of yesteryear), where we travel through time. We can see the streets decorated as they were many years ago and the typical costumes. There are not only costumes, there are also dances, theater, music and food. They are beautiful traditional festivities. In this article I also talk a little bit about a contest I am participating in that I hope to win, so I hope that luck will be with me. This article of luck and celebrations won me $3.19.

"Decision day", what a difficult day, I had to decide whether to stay in Cumana longer, and share more with my parents or travel to Puerto la Cruz. I had already spent a lot of time with my parents and I wanted to go back to drawing, I can't do it there, the computer is not the right one. So I had not been able to do any drawing or study, just enjoy the company of my parents and help them in any way I could. So it was a big decision, but I know it was the right one. On this day of decisions I earned $1,44.

"Days of parental love" this was my last day at my parents' house, so I took advantage of helping out as much as I could. I helped my mother, shared with my father and grandmother. I even had time to play with the dog. I was very happy, I love them very much. I tried to spend a lot of time with each one, to take more beautiful memories inside my heart. I won $1.17 on this article

"Thank you God" on the last day of November. I traveled to Puerto la Cruz and arrived safe and sound, there were some setbacks on the road, but everything was fine. This last day of November I took the opportunity to thank God for everything. I wanted to reach $100 in before the end of November, but maybe it was not the time yet. I gave thanks for knowing this wonderful site and for every grain of sand that people give me, for their positive comments and for reading each of my articles. I earned $2.66 on this article.

My first post of December... I was close to $100, and thanks to that post I was able to get there. I earned $5 with my first post of December and that's what brought me to $102 in total. November ended beautifully and December started with great motivations to keep writing, but despite that, I wanted to rest a little bit. I know I have earned a lot in some articles and "little" in others, but the most important thing for me has been to create each article, look for each corresponding image, put a suitable title and read your comments. I know that for each like or each comment is that I'm doing well and that I'm on the right track. Without that I won't know if you like or dislike my articles.

Total of my articles Monthly

  • October $6.98

  • November $90.19

  • December $5

Total $102.17 in, with only 36 items.

I hope that in December everything goes excellent for you and for me. May we enjoy lots of health and love

Thank you very much for reading and supporting my articles, you make me very happy. Remember that you can also comment, your comments are very important to me.

Remember that you can follow my kind sponsors, they are waiting for you to read their stories.

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See you in the next article! ❤️

All content is original

Information obtained from the web is indicated.

The image was edited by me in photoshop.

Greetings from Venezuela❤️😊

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Written by   40
1 month ago
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felicitaciones , es una gran cantidad, las publicaciones son muy buenas

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1 month ago

Muchas gracias, seguiré mejorando cada día para que les gusten mis artículos.

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1 month ago

Wow its encouraging for me as I am new. I will also publish an article of my monthly earning from after the month ends.

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1 month ago

Excellent, I hope you do very well and can make very good profits.

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1 month ago

I liked your image of 101$, you know that the road to success is given in each step, you got a good profit, congratulations, I hope you continue to reap triumphs. Kisses

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1 month ago

Thank you very much father and I will always be grateful that you have taught me about

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1 month ago