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Pre Birthday

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1 month ago

As you all know, tomorrow is my mother's birthday. Today we went out for a walk with her to buy presents, but she didn't know we had a surprise. Stay with me to find out.

Wednesday, November 24

How are you my kind and beautiful people? I hope you had a great day, my day was magnificent.

My mother days ago made a list of the gifts she wanted to be given, among those she put things impossible to buy, she did it to joke with us, she really didn't want us to give her the things that were on the list because she knows they are expensive, she was expecting anything simple, but that didn't happen.

I raised enough money on ($30) Thank you for being a wonderful platform.

I talked to my father and brother to find out how much they could raise. I did the math to figure out the total amount of how much the gifts would come out to. Everyone put in what they could.

My mother went to work early, so that gave me time to change the money from to bolivars and know exactly where we were going and learn what we were going to buy.

We would meet my mother at 12pm at the place where she was going to buy the shoes. Before going to the place where my mother was, we bought the first gift, the hair dryer. This is the surprise gift, so we kept it in Luis' bag, she wasn't going to find out, we were pretty sure. We paid and went to meet her.

We went to the shoe store and my mother was very in love with some shoes, she immediately measured them and walked them, but she was sorry because she didn't want to spend our money, she didn't know how much we had. We bought those beautiful shoes, she thought it was the first gift and it would be the only one, she wanted to go home so she wouldn't spend any more money. But I told her no, we had to go buy the next gift.

We walked and walked until we got to the place, where she bought pins, thread and a special sewing scissors. She had only asked for the pins, but we gave her the other things. She was very happy, but she was still embarrassed, it seemed like a lot of money.

We went to another mall that was much farther away. We walked a long way to get there. There we bought the perfume she wanted to go to work. There we were treated very badly and the price was different from what it said, it was out of budget, but we bought it anyway. We thought about buying a $3 one, but there was only $6, we said "ok, we can still buy it", before paying, the employee told us "there are no $6 perfume bottles, only $8"... I had to relax and hold my breath because after so much walking, smelling many fragrances and deciding to pay $6, which is double what we had thought, they told me that it was $8. I was going to say no, until I saw my mother's happy face, she had years without wearing perfume, so I had to think and think, we decided to buy it, that money comes and goes, money increases and decreases. Seeing my mother happy is all that mattered to me.

Ready gifts or so my mother thought. We kept walking that mall looking for some sandals she wanted, she asked for 1 pair, we bought her 2 pairs. After that when she went to the bathroom I took advantage and bought her some earrings and cookies, so there were more surprise gifts hahaha.

To end the day at the mall, she was so happy that she gave us some ice cream and then we took many pictures in the mall. It had been many years since we went out as a family and took pictures, my mother had a lot of fun.

Our dinner was delicious shawarmas prepared by my father and Luis. My mother was super happy, of course within the budget was included the price of the food.

So far today's article, thank you very much for always reading my writings and for your comments. Tomorrow I will tell you about my mother's reaction to the gifts hahaha I hope you liked my article.

The last mall we visited was decorated for Christmas, it looked very beautiful.

See you in the next article! ❤️

All content is original

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The photos were taken by me

Greetings from Venezuela❤️😊

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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I am sure your mother ia very happy. Send my greetings to her. Stay healthy and strong and keep safe. :)

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1 month ago

My mom has been very happy all these days, so I will do my best to keep her happy. Thank you for your kind comment :)

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1 month ago