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It's a trap!

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2 months ago

Okay, I've been tagged by my friend @MissJo in her article to this "When I was a kid" challenge begun by bmjc98.

So lemme share how naughty I was when I'm still a kid. Well, if you know me personally and see me, you are just gonna say that "she looks like a 12-year old kid". HAHA. Because of my cute size! XD. Enough! Lezzgo to the real agenda!

When I was a kid...

I've been trapped!

Every time I'm having a dream of seeing a toilet, I thought I was just going to pee in my dream but no! It's a trap! So when I woke up, I noticed that there's something wet in our bed. Sorry, ma! Sorry! Hahaha. I know some of my friends here have been trapped too! (I only happened to peed in our bed if I had this dream. Hello, at 5 years old I'm already learning how to cook. So, peeing in bed is a no-no anymore. I feel old, char.)

I've tried smoking.

Like other users here. I was curious. I tried it using paper and a real cigarette. I even tried to release the smoke in my nose and I succeed. I'm not proud! Haha. How am I able to have a cigarette? I have this playmate which I ask to buy some as his father used to smoke. Of course, he is smoking with me. Again, I'm not proud. Haha.

I stepped on a rusty nail.

Ouch! It hurts. Do you know why? Of course not. Haha. Let me tell you. We were playing habulan (chase game) at that time. As I didn't want to be  chased, I hid in the banana trees. (Yes, I know this is not hide and seek, haha) Then when I'm about to come out, I felt something on my right foot. I immediately looked into it. When I saw the nail on my foot I tried to remove it but I couldn't as it was painful. So I cried. I can still see the scar. Haha.

I shot my playmate.

You read it right. Huhu. What am I thinking at that time? Badass kid! Tsk. It's a toy gun. I can't kill people! XD. Here's what happened. We're not playing that time, he and the other kids (including my older brothers) are talking. I hid somewhere then I targeted his foot and shoot. He cried. I felt guilty. He ran away while crying. Now, they are furious asking who shot him. Of course, they heard a gunshot. Just 5 minutes before they found out that it was me. I kept saying sorry. Huhu. He didn't do anything to me. I did it because I thought it was fun. Don't be mad at me, readers. Huhu. I'm such a bad kid. That day I received a sermon and one heavy hit by my father using his whip. I deserve it!

I accidentally flip while running fast.

You wonder how? Haha. We were playing habulan (yes, we often play this game). While I'm being chased I just run fast to the best I can. So, there's a narrow way! There's a wire! I just need to jump in!  Here I come! After I jumped I found myself lying on the sand. What happened? Another wire in my chest level! It bounced my body to the wire. It has a strong impact. Huhu. Have you imagined? Good thing, my head didn't hit on the rocks!

I fell off the ground many times from different trees. 

I was once like a monkey, eh? Hahaha. We used to climb in these trees: Mango, Tamarind, Guava, Star apple, Custard apple and Sineguelas or Spanish Plum, etc. Yes, I fell from them. Most of the time, the reasons are, it broke the branches (it is thin or frail), was slippery (usually after the rain), and was out of balance.

My armpit was hooked by a sharp fence.

I can never forget this one! It was the rice crop season. So, we were playing hide and seek, and I hid with those layers of the sack of rice. When I saw my playmate who is the seeker, I jumped.  That's it. The next thing I knew was my other arm hung up in the fence. I got wounded again! Haha. I went home with my left hand raised. XD

I've been hooked by an umbrella around my neck.

Hahaha. Walangyang teacher naalala ko. Hmm. I'm in 3rd grade when it happened. After the flag raising ceremony, we are required to clean our designated part. So this strict teacher of ours, actually she really used to hook the necks of students using her umbrella and sometimes she pinch naughty students. I'm happy that she has retired already. My siblings (except carisdaneym, she experienced it too XD) didn't experience what I've been through in her hands, chaar haha. Back to the story, she was saying something and I think I was not paying attention. I don't know why! Haha. The next thing I knew was that she dragged me (yes while hooking my neck using an umbrella) in my part to clean it. I cried. Who wouldn't? Hmmm.

I'm a good girl now! Haha. These are some of my naughtiness. I will not share everything. Puro kagagahan ko! XD But you can ask me in the comment section. Just if you want. Haha.

Thank you for reading! ❣

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Written by   196
2 months ago
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