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Meet&Greet With The BCH-Proud Bisaya, Is It Possible?

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1 month ago
Topics: Club1BCH, BCH, Community

I've just had a conversation recently with @Kain_niaK, a BCH supporter and creator of sBUSD. Sorry, Kain, I have no other information about you since we've just met on TG. HEHE.

Click the image to visit his noise account

So Kain is our latest addition to the Club1BCH family. I'm sure most of you have seen him on noise or other TG groups if you're active on airdrops. And since I have nothing much to say about him, let's proceed to the main topic.

In our convo, he mentioned that he is planning to travel to the Philippines this year. Not just to spend a week off but also to organize a big noise meet-up in Cebu City. He also wants to help get more remittances going between expat communities and the Philippines.

So to all the Cebuanos out there and neighboring provinces, watch out for this!

One of his goals, by the way, is to meet more active people on both read and noise and promote these platforms to the new prospects. Why not, right? The more users we onboard on these platforms, the better. But since it's too early to get excited about his plans, I come up with a simple version of a meet-up that involves a small group in the future.

I mean, Cebu is just around the corner for me and is a perfect place for a meet-up. So if ever I'm in the mood to travel or I can travel, I can just go to Cebu any time I want for as long as it's safe and with fewer restrictions from the local government. Since I have a channel called Proud Bisaya or those who speak the Cebuano dialect, I can guarantee that there would be at least 2 users to show up during the first meet-up.

Well, @Glez and @Judith1969 are both from Cebu. I've known Glez for months while sis Judith, I'd say more or less 2 years now. Aside from these two ladies, I also have a feeling that @GlenCanete will join the meet-up if ever I'll invite him as he just lives in the city. As I've said, I only want a small group first with people that I can definitely trust, and these 3 are my go-to fellas to meet.

Cebu City


Again, this is just a plan yet. I don't know when, but what I am certain of is that it is 99% possible that we can have our first meet and greet in Cebu City with the BCH-Proud Bisaya Chapter. Now, since there's no harm in planning, I urge everyone to participate in our Mini Survey here.

Unfortunately, non-Filipinos are not allowed to join the survey not unless they live in the country. So if you're not from the Philippines, there's no need for you to participate.

Click here to participate in the SURVEY!

In the survey, you will be asked to answer 4 easy questions. Check out the images below:

Just in case, we have foreigners living in the country. I mean this meet-up, either my version or Kain's, is not just for Filipinos, that even foreigners can join if there's any.

This is to see how many female or male users will be joining, if ever.

You might be wondering why I even included Mindanao or Luzon. Well, the world is full of possibilities, so who knows someone from either of these two will decide to join the meet-up in the future.

Lastly, the final question. Is it a yes or a no? Is it possible for a meet and greet with the active people from noise and read?

So yeah, these are just our questions that you should answer. There's no time limit, by the way, so if you are undecided, you can just fill this up when you're ready. LOL. Seriously, what's the wait? This is just a survey, so a no-brainer is needed here.

Closing thoughts

Since this is just a plan, we don't have to plan a lot of stuff yet. Let's just focus on the survey first and discuss the other important things in the future. But if you were going to ask me about this Meet & Greet, I'm up for this. I would love to meet my friends here whom I have talked to for quite a long time now.

Let me know what you think about it, though. Do you think it is possible to do a meet-up?

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Written by   869
1 month ago
Topics: Club1BCH, BCH, Community
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Nindot ni kaayu ba pero layo man ag Cebu sa amoa😅

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1 month ago

Sige lang sis kay wa pa man sad ni clear gud. PEro inig wa nay covid, pila ray pag abot abot sa cebu. Aw wait, asa inyoha?

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1 month ago

Leyte ko ate

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Maiinggit lng ako 😭 tingin nlng kmi sa photos

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Push kaya natin 'yung virtual meet-up, Ateeee? Tingin mo? 🙈

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