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As you probably have noticed we have added a Stats page to our site and that we've been gaining a lot of users lately:

4910... 🎉 So-o-o-on..... Big step soon.

What's even more interesting is that the number of points given in any day is skyrocketing and due to that the point price has been dropping:

So, we've decided to take a look at what exactly users are getting points for:

15000 points for publishing articles! 15000 points for 10 thumbs up? 300 articles got 10 thumbs up or more? Well, these must be very good articles! (sarcasm)

No, of course, they are not.

However, as usual, we've been quietly working on something, while enduring more and more waves of "why aren't you doing something"?

We'll leave problem of vote manipulation for tomorrow or maybe later today... we have a solution, but not ready to tell about it yet.

So, we don't usually announce in advance what exactly we're working on, only that we have a plan, so now that it's ready - we have a new original content detector!

This one is able to find a lot of copied stuff, even in other languages, even in comments and posts:

And it can tell you even how big of a chunk did the user take:

Wow, 100% copied in Bangla language! Bad user!

How about this now?

Yep, that's a thing now.

If you have copied a big chunk of text from the Internet, we won't be giving you any points for this.

Happy spamming!

For now it's only about articles, but soon comments, posts and parts copied from too.

And we'll see you, vote manipulators, soon...

Also, sorry that we're down lately - we're growing too fast and our server gets a bit too crowded for us. We'll deal with it too.

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