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Featured community rules

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As we have discussed in "Some plans for communities" we are proceeding by declaring the rules by which we'll select communities to be give the featured status:

We will give the featured status to the communities that fullfil the following criteria:

  1. Single language
    You can select a language in your community settings. Accept only articles in that language. For example, if you accept articles in Italian and in English - it won't be accepted. We will accept communities in any language evaluating it using Google Translate.

  2. Single topic
    Communities like "Anything allowed", "Anything in (some language) is allowed", "Only girls allowed" will not be accepted. Your community must be about some specific topic, not about characteristics of your authors.
    Some other examples that won't be allowed: thoughts, daily blogs, dairies, posts only by users of certain nationality, language, religion, gender... You must have a topic that is useful to others, see below for good examples.

  3. No communities about, except for Read.Cash (f4d8)
    Communitites where main topic is "" will not be accepted (how to earn, how much did you earn, how to work here, how great/bad is etc...). Reason: one community is more than enough to discuss it.

  4. Articles/short posts stay on topic
    If you claim that your community is about video games and your articles are about video games, Covid19, Bengal tigers and driving - it won't be accepted.

  5. No plagiarism
    You may (but not obliged to) accept articles where it's obvious that an author published it somewhere else too if the article is really interesting, but if an author ovbiously steals articles from the Internet - this shouldn't be allowed.

  6. Low "noise" ratio / fake articles
    By "noise" we mean articles that are low-quality. Articles like they were written just to get a few points. Some number of these articles is OK, but if you are constantly accepting these or not removing them - we won't accept your community.

  7. Your community has at least 10 articles or posts
    Doesn't matter if you did them yourself (at least for now). So, if you want to start a new community - start posting interesting content yourself.

  8. No affiliate/promotion communities
    Communities whose main goal is to promote something (an affiliate program, ways to earn, your own site, some groups) will not be featured.

  9. No religious/political communities
    We will also not accept religion-based communities or discussing politics.

We reserve the right to decline the featured status based on our own discretion too, without an explanation.

We reserve the right to change the rules as soon as spammers find a way to cheat the system.

Featured status is given for some time, not forever.

We will periodically re-evaluate communities.

You don't need to apply for the featured status, we will evaluate communities on our own schedule.

Moderators will not be responsible for comments quality. (We'll deal with this the other way)

If you were declined the featured status that also doesn't mean forever, we will periodically re-evaluate it and accept your community if the quality improves (except for Rules #2, #3 or #8 - that can't be changed, so you won't be ever accepted).

The important part to undertstand is that at the next step (#4) in our plan - only actions that are done inside these featured communities will give you points. Everything else (including personalized rate) stays the same.

Eventually home page will only feature posts from featured communities and your subscriptions.

We will be rolling out featured communities today, but the point change (Step #4) will be implemented in a few days.

One more thing: don't ask to be featured or your community will be evaluated last.


A question arose what would be a good topic.

and also, what do you mean by topic... can you give me examples of what community should be publish our journal-like (eg: 'why i love surprises' , 'my daily routine' ,etc) article

There is no topic that is "journal-like" that we will accept, because 99.9% of this is something that nobody would read.

We want to advance human knowledge, not create a dump of random thoughts.

It should be about something useful to other people.

You can probably check to see the examples of approved topics.

Here are some examples (they are in English, but any language is allowed):

  • Photography (as in how to take good pictures),

  • Travel (information useful for other tourists),

  • Politics (hard to specify, but probably OK, should be original content though),

  • Specific religions,

  • Collecting coins,

  • Philosophy,

  • Psychology,

  • Cooking (but we'll be closely monitoring for content to be original, since most of the recipes are copy-paste),

  • Language learning,

  • Travelling to specific countries,

  • We will sometimes accept local communities when they really revolve around local events (like what's going on in your city), but it should prove useful to participants,

  • Writing (as in tips to how write better, not "here's 3 lines that I wrote this morning"),

  • History,

  • Art (again, will be decided on case-by-case basis, because basically you can call anything art and claim that any content is a form of art),

  • Parenting,

  • COVID (but stay on topic),

  • Cryptocurrencies (again, stay on topic and don't promote affiliate links),

  • Cryptography,

  • Hacking (ethical),

  • Technologies,

  • Futurism,

  • Aging and anti-aging,

  • Data science,

  • Relationship advice,

  • Design,

  • Programming,

  • Crafts, do-it-yourself instructions,

  • Short stories written by authors (on a case-by-case basis),

  • Hardware,

  • Nomadic life,

  • Computer science,

  • Meditation,

  • Science,

  • Magic (I don't know, maybe),

  • Architecture,

  • Historical events,

  • Local travel information for tourists,

  • 3D graphics,

  • Sci-fi fans,

  • Music,

  • Cool TV series,

  • MMA,

  • Space exploration,

  • Mental health,

  • Astronomy,

  • Theatre,

  • Experimental filmmaking,

  • Books that I read,

  • Coffee and all about it,

  • Useful daily habits,

  • Gaming,

  • Creating video games,

  • Drawing (how to draw),

  • ...

I could go on and on, but it should be about something useful to other people and something pretty specific.

"How I got up today and ate some eggs" is frankly not very interesting to other people, let's admit it.

What happens to other articles or not approved communities

Nothing. You can continue publishing there, you just won't get any points for that.

Your older articles also stay where they are.

You can still even not publish to any community and be a totally independent author with own subscribers and get tips from them.

The only thing that changes is that we won't sponsor random content via the fund, only useful content.

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Written by   7861
1 year ago
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