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What a Night

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4 weeks ago

Bwhahah. I actually do not know what to write. My mind has been darting from one start to another. Matter of fact, this is the third window of "Write an article" that I clicked. The other two had already started their story flow and then I got distracted by, get this :

  1. a mosquito

  2. A bat (or bats I think there were lots of them)

  3. A howling dog somewhere

  4. A singing neighbor

  5. Distant sirens

  6. My sudden feat of sneezing

Le moustique (The Mosquito)

I sat myself down on the dining chair to relax and take a sip of the reheated joe. I was beginning to type in a story, a fiction, when suddenly an annoying mosquito decided a few inches from my temple is a good place to hover and hang out. Since it is hovering and maybe having a little control trouble, it starts flying from my right peripheral vision, crossing my line of vision and to the left side. Annoyed, I decided to prepare to fry it with the mosquito racquet. I took the racquet from my room since I fried one few hours back. When I got back to my chair, of course, it is gone. I had my trail of thoughts already diverted from the fiction I was creating to the annoyance that these creatures seem to have sharpened their instincts over time.

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The Bat

Then there's the bat. Or bats maybe. I am seated near a window. The window through which a small patch of jungle can be seen through. I call it a patch of jungle. For some reason, a bat keeps flying by the window. You know those sound testing clips you listen to to test your earphones' or headset and you hear the sound go around your head? Arrgh! I cannot find a fitting clip. Anyway, the bat. It flies and then it chirps. Do bats chirp? Is that how you call the sound they make? One would mistake them for birds except that they do not have the soothing sing song chirp of the birds.

The Howl and the Singing Neighbor

If that was not enough of a distraction, a dog started to howl. I thought it was Chewey and I strained my ears it is too huge a howl for the small pup. I thought it was Night, our blind dog so I stepped outside the balcony to listen if it is coming from us but when I walked out, the sound came farther down the street.

The bat that was flying and some of its friends are still chirping and flying when I was spotting where the howl was coming from. My imagination was already taking me to the twilight zone -the eerie kind. Bats busy in the quiet night, the gentle rustle of the leaves in the dark, a howl of some wolf, I mean a dog from a far. Then the neighbor started singing. Poof to reality. It was not loud and rather not too clear but someone was singing something alright. Her singing blending in with the howl of the night I almost laughed.

The Distant Sirens

Then there were distant sounds of sirens. It wasn't police. It was ambulance and fire truck I think. I hated those sounds even more so when the pandemic started. Always makes me feel like someone is in super duper danger. Sirens make me feel uneasy and yes it has that chest-tightening effect. Grr.

To save myself from thinking down that line and continuing my fictional eerie story of the upgraded mosquito, the bat and the dog howl, I decided to go back inside .

Bad idea.

Sneeze Fest

It was nice and cool outside. It was significantly warmer inside the house even though you feel the breeze come through all our open windows. It did not take long for that shift to trigger my sneezes. Each sneeze sending all my words...


Out and .. achoo!

Off my head... Achoo!

Now they're gone!

Sniff sniff!


Just for the sake of balancing the weirdness of starting a story with "Bwahaha"

Let me end this one with the same..

I am laughing at how I cannot contain my thoughts and properly put it down for a good Friday night story. Bwahahahah.

Good evening read-itizens! Mad Friday night it was but I ain't complaining. It is, after all, the weekend. How is your night going so far?

Prayers still going out to people struggling with their health at this time of the pandemic.

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Written by   241
4 weeks ago
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