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2 years ago

In this series, I assume the role of a reader instead of a writer, discussing articles by other writers... things I recommend.

In a recent article, When People Choose crypto the Government get scared, @alberdioni8406 wrote:

“Governments are at constant war with the decentralized world not because they don't want the free market to exist but because they are always looking for control and monitoring of their citizens' finances.”

They are looking for exactly that with their ongoing crypto regulation: This is what @Pantera wrote yesterday: Subservience To the State - Custodial Wallets Invalidate Cryptocurrency. I fully agree when @Pantera says:

“With custodial wallets, crypto is not ours. It is like holding your crypto in an exchange. Put trust in these services that the money will be available upon request. [...]”

“Your crypto will be in the custody of a third party, which completely invalidates the point of cryptocurrencies.”

Is DeFi, Decentralized Finance, a threat to traditional banking? I think so, and, in my opinion, that is a good thing. The same author, @Pantera, discussed the question a couple of weeks ago in DeFi: A Threat to the Banking Establishment.

Another article about freedom from “Statist” involvement, not only in our finances, but in everything, is Voluntaryism: The Reasonable Alternative to Statist Chaos, by @VoluntaryJapan .

Then follows naturally Secede Today, the easy way by @sanctuary.the-one-law .

And while we are on the theme “Big Brothers” and their abuse of power, let's pay some attention to a non-state with state-like qualities and perhaps state-like ambitions – namely Facebook. Read Beware the Zuckerberg Nation State by @MarielB22 .

I never liked Facebook, not even when it was new, and I have never had a Facebook account and will never have one. The more it evolves, the worse it becomes. It is a quagmire of privacy violation and censorship!

Read also this by the same author: Correction: The Revolution Will be Televised.

How safe is Bitcoin? Read this article by @Telesfor : The danger of a death spiral with Bitcoin BTC. In my opinion, @Telesfor describes a “worst case” consequence of one of Bitcoin's major weaknesses, a weakness that has been eliminated in BCH.

Bitcoin BTC is the first genuine cryptocurrency, but to see it as an ultimate solution to the problems it tries to solve, is just naïve. It was naïve already in 2010, and it is even more so now. It is merely the first step in a new line of the evolution of money. New and better cryptocurrencies undoubtedly will follow. BCH definitely is a better one, and, as I have to agree with many other authors here, it better satisfies the initial goals as they were expressed by Satoshi Nakamoto. BTC has not evolved well, but BCH so far has.

Another read-worthy article is The Bitcoin Moral Panic by @dave_gutteridge .

If you don't know how to create a secure password that is still easy to remember, the method described by @JLoberiza in How to create a secure password that you can remember can be useful.

“Streaks can demolish your advancement.“ writes @jamesmichelea in Breaking a Series for Better Improvement. This is quite relevant for people being obsessed by streaks, and I think that is a quite common obsession.

In You never know who you might run into in the future, @Kitki presents a thought-worthy little story.

I think most of you agree to that lying is wrong. But is it that simple? Can it never be right to lie? That's what @Greatwolfman asks in his article Lies - good or bad?

“I don’t remember the things I did that hating life has completely gone in my mind. I think it was that I live my life with a purpose. I set my own goals and attend to my priorities. It was like I slowly understood the meaning of life and forgot about hating it.“ (@Bjorn)

Have you hated your life so much that you wished to die? @Bjorn discusses this in Eye Hate Life.

I must admit that I cannot relate to the feeling he describes. I have had my share of bad times and more than that, but even in the deepest darkness, I always found life interesting and thus in some sense enjoyable. Yet I think many people feel as @Bjorn, although not always with a happy ending.

Recently published Mind Anxiety is a thought-worthy article by @dark_spirit666 .

I also think Building love is better than falling in love by @Luna1999 provides insights more people would need to share.

My mother used to say that “there are no bad children, only bad parents”. This is exactly what @adereign expresses in Failure in parental responsibility.

@NakamotoBch recently wrote The Power Of Thinking And How To Improve Your Thinking Skills. What he says is something that can never be repeated too much.

Finally, I want to wish @aniruddhasen welcome back in his capacity as an author! After about 3 month's break, he has posted 2 articles: The more things change the more they remain the same and The price of security.

Read the whole series, ”Suggested Reading” and my series “Retrospection”.

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2 years ago


Here you collected all the brilliant articles which can serve as a good guide.I have already read some of them and will definitely go to read other too. Thats true government is looking to have control on finances of people.

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2 years ago

Thank you sir for mentioning my name in your article.

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2 years ago

I'm growing ever more and more concerned from the fact that government seems to want to control all the human affairs little did we realize their constant fight against the crypto currencies that are seen from the series of bans that have been placed on it especially in countries like nigeria and China but one thing they must realise is the fact that the crypto world seems to encourage a fair chance of a p2p transactions without the delays and excess charges of the financial institutions who are of course the ones championing this cause of a stop on it. In fact, that your article that seem to talk about the defi and the traditional bank, when I read it, I really enjoyed reading it and that's why I'm happy writing with respect to it

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2 years ago

Thanks for the shoutout and recognition.

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2 years ago

I've read some of those articles you have on display here but i want to be more particular with the one i'm very fond of which is the article by you @pantera that says; " decentralized finance, a threat to traditional banking? In that article of yours, i totally agreed with all the said points you gave there hence I maintain that the government should rather see the defi as a substitue of help to releasing the work load of the banks and cease looking for several means of controlling the people's finances using their regulatory agencies and of course the bad actors as well which the traditional banks represents.

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2 years ago

thank you very much doctor. This is the third time my post has been recommended from you

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2 years ago

Wow am really glad to see this 👏 whatever a child turnout to become lies in hand of parents.

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2 years ago

Indeed it does!

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2 years ago