When People Choose crypto the Government get scared

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It is worrying when governments impose a ban on the use of decentralized digital money and force their citizens to accept being manipulated only to use the fiat money issued by them in a clear abuse of power, after all, everyone must have the right to choose how to use their own money.

The most alarming thing about all this is that there is a lot of talk about democracy and governmental transparency, but in the end such lacerations are not followed and clearly governments are not even concerned with the well-being of their citizens but with their own economic agenda.

The people have the right to be free and to have an opinion on any matter in accordance with the universal charter of human rights endorsed by UNICEF and is constantly violated by governments when they do not comply banning people from trading in cryptocurrencies is an affront to this letter and continuous abuse of power.

Everyone has the right to economic diversification

Man was born free and as such has the right to choose how and when he can use his money having a diversified investment caste. Money has various forms and cryptocurrencies are part of this money, people put their money in crypto because they trust the market and thus increase their level of financial income by directly controlling their money.

They are essential for the world to be completely free and decentralized, putting man in total control of his economic activities by diversifying his various investments.

By 'literally' cutting the legs of citizens to invest in this type of economy, governments are clearly in an open war with society as it will criminalize every act of decentralized money use, doing this is frightening people and forcing them to obey their decision and to keep the money under full control of the state.

Always an Obscure Agenda by Governments

The strangest thing about banning cryptocurrencies is that it could be seen that the world's largest economies are also the great 'Holders' of decentralized digital assets and yet they prohibit their citizens from not interacting with the market.


It is crazy and completely authoritarian as well as domineering on the part of the state to do this, they prohibit and impose the use of fiat money and everything that it represents, which with its unbridled issuance can cause a great depression in the financial market which has already been seen in 2008 to the actual emergence of cryptocurrencies.

The imposition of a centralized digital currency by force

There is a growing demand for centralized currencies from world governments and China is on the way to the front to launch it nationally on its territory. Its development has been on the agenda since 2014 and will take out all paper money from circulation and will use centralized digital money, the digital Yuan, this will be used domestic and for internacional use.

Progress is being made and the currency is already undergoing advanced testing in many parts of China that will be supported by various platforms such as Chinese telecommunications, public banks and payment platforms that will sustain its adoption across the vast Chinese territory.

There are rumors that the great nation is planning to effectively release its digital Yuan in the upcoming Olympic winter games in Beijing in 2022.

These constant bans on crypto in the Chinese nation are not by chance, as the country of the XI Jinping wants to monopolize its market and does not want any kind of digital competition on it and to do so whenever possible imposes severe measures in its territory, where it started in 2013 and 2017 and shortly thereafter in 2014 announced the creation of a state-controlled and maintained digital single currency.

Today, after a few years, these restrictions and prohibitions increase and put the entire decentralized market in an uproar. Earlier this year they had already banned mining and led miners to relocate their farms to other locations and now together with other players increase their level of crackdown.


Governments are at constant war with the decentralized world not because they don't want the free market to exist but because they are always looking for control and monitoring of their citizens finances.

When they feel threatened because they do not manage to have control over it, they try to frighten citizens, banning and using tricks such as banning mining, trading or even holding cryptocurrencies, promising to sanction everyone who does not comply with their requirements.

They are not concerned with the well-being of citizens but with their dominance and authoritarianism, which often leads them to infringe many citizens' rights. One thing is certain, the use of cryptocurrencies may be banned in China but it will not stop growing and expanding because of that.

In fact it will grow even more as human consciousness is increasingly aware of this sad reality and the only way to fight for freedom back is to invest in decentralized currencies, these can even be banned but they are still the most effective means of payment and store of value because man controls their own money and is his own bank.

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how is it enhancement life

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I think its a tactic of Chinese Government and they are planning for something, it's impossible for them to shutdown the largest mining ridge that they build on their province. Also, no matter how China Bans cryptocurrency, there's also countries which start to legalize crpyto like El Salvador and Venezuela. It's a great news cause it might pump the market as people will start to buy coins and tokens.

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