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1 month ago

In this series, I assume the role of a reader instead of a writer, discussing articles by other writers... things I recommend.

The crypto market is in a situation where it is hard to predict the next step. The circumstances are not really the same as they have been in previous drops. Is it Time To Rethink Your Crypto Income Strategy?, wonders @SapphireCrypto.

Will the Ethereum Merge affect Bitcoin Cash?, asks @Jnavedan – while @xuanling11 discusses State vs. Individual, where he concludes:

I think the government is far outreaching its authority to protect citizens from harming technology but lacks the ability to find alternative solutions to protect the innovative technology that is supposed to protect individual privacy and discourage such technology from moving forward so they can reach their authority to become a surveillance state.

At this pace, we are not far from what Novel 1984 suggested.“

@xuanling11 also discusses The core reason why Defi is not working with quite convincing arguments – that is, if we believe in maintaining a loan-based economy.

In The SmartBCH chain is bailed out! Let's get back to business, @Fexonice1 is optimistic about the future of smartBCH, despite the recent trouble.

I suppose nobody here is unaware of the new, but if you are, read Simon did it again & one more "baby" is born on the Bitcoin Cash environment – by @alberdioni8406 .

Convenience is a barrier to freedom and privacy in the Cloud, claims @Jnavedan . A very general truth indeed.

@sanctuary.the-one-law published Your ideas Sanctuary How To ? I like the consistency of this author, and that he goes beyond the words and actually tries to do something in practice. I quote his article:

But remember this well:
Sanctuary only exists with your presence and intent.

When you are absent, when you lack intention of The-One-Law,
your boundaries are nothing but wishful thinking.”

@VoluntaryJapan writes There Is No 'Borders Debate,' Because I Am Not a Communist. It's a long post, but it is worth the while to read it – especially if you are interested in voluntaryism and individual freedom.

@Bre explains about Pfizer's Ridiculous Demands For Governments and she reports about how Hundreds Of Young Doctors Dying In Canada. I quote the latter:

The majority of these suspicious deaths are happening after receiving their fourth Covid vaccinations. Typically within 2 weeks.

But also read her Embalmers Finding Larg Clots That Aren't Clots.

@turuncu wrote The importance of privacy, which I think everyone should read, especially those of you not normally thinking so much of your privacy. Myself a strong privacy advocate since decades, I fully agree with this article.

While we discuss privacy, I would also recommend Why I am Not a Fan of Mobile Apps by @Unity .

Another important article by @Unity - Biometrics Recognition is Unreliable! I fully agree with him, I have always considered it a security problem.

I want to recommend two articles by @daffaputra - Don't Be a Rat Mental Person and When anger comes.

We won't be able to unlock the potential of our inner light until we have the courage to venture into our darkest recesses.“

So says @rocksg in Celebrate Being Original, Off The Beaten Track, A Touch Strange, And Your Own Unique Creation.

Does 'success' mean just making money? asks @Mhc. The author answers that it doesn't, a message well worth to remember. I quote:

Every successful person we have found in the world till date thinks that 'success' is not a synonym for making money. The definition of success is completely different for them. Their main thing in life cycle is to show the light of the dreams cherished inside. And for that goal, he did the work on the way with joy. In return, he received 'success' as a reward. Based on Born Realist.”

@Pinkchic explains: Chasing Happiness Is Like Chasing A Ceaseless And Invisible Wind.

I'm I | No limits says @reanbooks – and @milaagrosramirez claims that Freedom is synonymous with overcoming fear.

@charmingcherry08 is Listening To Other People's Stories.

@sj0820 tells us The story behind the Daffodil/Narcissus flower, @Duvinca writes about Flowers in summer: Rose of Syria and @Danika presents Extraordinary animals discovered recently.

Being interested in colour, I immediately noticed and appreciated More Than Just Aesthetically Pleasing – the Power of Colors in Graphic Design by @Lixten. After that I found The importance of first impressions: why graphic design matters – and what followed was that @Lixten produced a whole series about Graphic Design. I certainly recommend the whole series for those who are interested in this subject. Visit the author's profile for all the parts.

@Elisabet wrote The ultimate guide for being the best reader possible, and @Gemstone gives advice about blogging, in Simple Guidelines For Newcomers.

Read the whole series, ”Suggested Reading” and my series “Retrospection”.

In my INDEX, you can find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic.

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Written by   694
1 month ago
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thank you

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1 month ago

I appreciate the mention. Good collection of articles you have listed. I've seen a few to read.

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1 month ago

Thanks for the mention and for the list of interesting posts to be read!!!

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1 month ago