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Victims of Success

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1 month ago

I encountered that phrase yesterday.

A man sick with cancer had been undergoing treatment for a long time. The treatment he received worked. The cancer cells have diminished. However, it left him weak. He cannot eat and do his usual activities. He was treated from the cancer but his body took a hit.

Then I read Ruffa's post entitled Till I Collapse where it tells of fictional character who forgot his loved ones. Not intentionally though. In his desire to provide better life for his family, he strived and worked hard and he succeeded. He was so focused and determined reaching for his dreams. That is what we all wanted. To succeed.

However, in the process, the guy neglected spending time with his family. All he thinks about is money, fame and success. Thankfully, the came to a realization that those that really matter to him is his family so he changed his ways.

That same day, I also read a post by zolabundance2 called True courage. In one episode of a cooking competition show, one of the contestants started to perform below his caliber at the beginning of the show. It is evident in his cooking and dishes that the pressure was getting on him.

In the middle of one of the competitions, he bravely quit. I would want to say regrettably for he has the potential. However, his mental state is not in tune anymore to what he wanted to achieve when he joined the show. Aside from the pressure he experienced during the show, he misses his family which added to the stress that he was feeling.

He left the show relieved. Relieved of the stress and pressure. He chose peace than to stay and who knows what might happen.

When I encountered the phrase victims of success, it made me think about my time with noise and read. We all know that one effect of stress is hair fall. I find it funny but at the same time made me wonder if I am being stressed especially with read?

I started having hair fall after a few weeks here in read. At first I was enjoying it for I am finally getting back to blogging again. It's been a year since I stopped. I do have a full time job so I was okay with noise. I was invited to join read but my concern then is that I couldn't focus on it. However, I challenged myself.

Then I noticed hairs on the floor. Our unit has white tiled floors. Every dirt is really noticeable. Whenever I get up from my chair, clumps of hair can be seen scattered around my seat. I didn't have that plenty of hair fall before.

I can't think of anything new that could be the reason that I am stressed. It may not be read and noise. There could be other factors. However, the timing points to when I joined read. I used to sleep earlier but now I slept a couple of hours after my regular sleeping time. Thank goodness my sleep is still okay. I am one of those who can fall to sleep right away.

I guess my body is adjusting to this change. I'll give it more time and observe further and see if there will be changes.

How are you health wise, mentally and physically?

All of us want to succeed. We all want to reach our goals. How far are you willing to go to reach those dreams? What or who are you willing to sacrifice?

We are built differently. Some are not as driven as you. Some have dreams not as grand as yours.

It's a start of a new month and many have set their goals. That is good. You are appreciated for achieving your monthly goals may it short-term goals or long-term goals. Some say that they don't have a goal. I think that we all do. It's just not the same as others. Maybe we just want to go with the flow, wherever the wind takes us, that in itself is a goal. Maybe we don't like to be stressed. That is a goal.

Put in mind that you have to take care of your health too. Listen to your body. Know when to stop. Do not forget that there are those who care for you - your loved ones. Yes, we say that what we do is for them but let us spend time with them also.

How many stories have we heard about success? They have succeeded in other aspects in life but what about their relationship with family and with other people?

In everything that we do, we should find balance.

We should realize that we ran our own race in our own pace in our own lane. We really should cheer each other, help each other, encourage and support each other to reach our goals.

The lead image was taken in Colibra Island in Dasol, Pangasinan during our second visit there.

Thank you all for your support and time to read.

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Written by   347
1 month ago
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