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A Relationship Advice: Maybe You Need, Maybe You Don't

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2 months ago

Being in a relationship can be challenging. Well, it is! And love is not everything. You cannot keep the love alive just by the feeling both of you feels. And believe me, when I say, it is never smooth sailing. Waves of problems will batter you and your relationship, and most of the time it sinks and you're drowned.

LOVE. Love feels so good. The feeling of being in love is so overwhelming that it put a smile on your face up to your cheek. But as time goes by the love is being tested. Will you be able to let go or hold on? This is very important, make sure you are with the right person. Trust your instinct, trust his action more than his words and don't be blinded by love to believe that everything is like a Fairy Tale with a happy ending. Sometimes and most of the time it is not.

My honest advice

In a relationship, to stay happy and in love, everything must be balanced. And even everything is balance it's not guaranteed that it will be perfect. And the relationship is really shouldn't be perfect. The flaws must be worked out. The understanding of two people must be in sync. Aside from emotional, there are physical, sexual and financial needs that have to be met. Well, you can't just live with love alone.


This will always be my number one. We all have our needs to be met. If you are complaining about your relationship then you are not communicating with your partner. If you are feeling frustrated, disappointed or your needs are not met, you are not talking to your partner. Communication is very important. I used to be full of frustrations and disappointments, unmet needs but it all changes when I voice out exactly what I want, what I need. And my partner did the same and so we satisfy each other's needs and wants.

When I hear a story of cheating, they always say, it's because the other one can provide the needs that the partner can't. And I was like, maybe he/she didn't say or ask what he wants. Let's admit it, we all have this mentality and telling ourselves, "he should know by now!" We think and we guess that our partners should always know what we want when in real life, they don't have a clue. Stop the guessing game. And stop that giving a hint. That don't work. Say what you want, how you want it and so your partner can satisfy that. And both of you are happy. And never think that he might get mad or he will leave you by doing so.

And if your partner doesn't pay attention or doesn't care. Then I don't think you are with the right person. The right partner would love to keep you happy and you as a partner is the same.

And together with good communication are love and devotion, time, respect, trust in no particular orders. What you want to receive from your partner, give it and it will be reciprocated.

Don't hold on when you know you have to let go

Don't be a martyr. If you did everything you can for your relationship and chances has been given for the Nth time but was taken for granted, let go. If your relationship not making you happy, and if you already discuss the matter and nothing has changed, then think of moving on. There's always this self-respect. And this love is worth the pain and giving second chances can be worth it. I believe in second chances. I believe in forgiving someone's mistakes wholeheartedly. This is if you believe in him and that giving him a second chance would be a whole lot of story.

But the real thing is.

Everyone has a different story. Every love story has a different plot. Deal with your relationship, any advice is not needed. You work it out yourself. No one knows better than you. Because believe me, you know what to do, you know what is right. You know what is best. You don't need any advice. Because you know already what to do. You just don't want to do it and you just don't want to face it. And if you are not going to face it your relationship will be in turmoil. Communicate. Talk. Deal with it. That's how you keep a relationship a healthy one.

A healthy relationship is full of laughter, full of happy smiles, with hugs and kisses. And when a problem struck, you are just both calm and deal with it together. And whenever there are arguments, you both know how to patch things up. Waves of problems will batter you and your relationship, but you are on an unsinkable ship and with hands that securely hold yours tight, you have nothing to fear.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   690
2 months ago
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