Similarities and Differences Between The Claims of Famous Philosophers

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This article will be quite different compared to the recent compositions that I published. In this article, I will tackle the similarities and differences in philosophies of different well-known philosophers at all time. If you love your subject Introduction to Philosophy or Understanding The Self, you will probably understand this article. Keep reading!

 Plato and Thomas Aquinas

      According to Plato, humans are made of three aspects: Body, Mind, and Soul. He also pointed out that a man already knew everything before he was born in this world. He described it as all-knowing. On the contrary, Thomas Aquinas claimed that a human is composed of a matter and form. According to him, the only thing that makes us a human and not an animal, is the essence of our soul. But, these two philosophers believed in one thing, that the soul is what makes us a man. Plato said that if a person achieved its ideal state, the soul will become virtuous and just, while Aquinas said that the actions or animations of the body are coming from the soul.

David Hume and Socrates

      David Hume is known to have a very different way of looking and claiming philosophies about man, while Socrates is the first philosopher who questioned about self. The two philosophers believed and claimed different concerns about man, but they do have things in common too. According to Hume, a man can only acquire knowledge through its experiences. In his example, a human can determine that he is talking to another human, not because he saw his soul, but because he can touch, hear, and see him. On the other hand, Socrates claimed that a man has no virtue if he is ignorant. He also believed that the worst thing that will happen to a man is to live but die inside. The two philosophers have different philosophies but they have one thing in common: that experiences really teach a man.

Gilbert Ryle and Rene Descartes

      Gilbert Ryle believed that a person only learns from the activities he’s doing every day, but Rene Descartes claimed that as long as his mind is thinking about something or feeling doubts, therefore he exists. The two may have different beliefs but they both pointed out one philosophy which is the mind controls us and our actions.

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The things mentioned above are from self-knowledge and researches. If there are pieces of information that seem contradicting with what you know, you can freely write it down below. I also stand corrected if ever I mentioned mistakes. Thank you so much.

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Topics: Random, Hope, True Story, Thought, Purpose, ...


You seem to be interested in the subject so you were able to write an article about it. I will be waiting for more.^^

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