Reasons Why You Should Not Tolerate Red Flags

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Most people committed to a romantic relationship cannot see the lines between red flags. As for me, I have an entire list of the things that I consider a red flag when it comes to my recent and current partners. I think it is one of the things that we must realize in every relationship. There are actions from your partner that show a lack of respect, love, and interest. Sometimes they make you feel worthless, and worst than that is when they lack integrity towards you.

And what do you think you need to do? Ignore and pretend it never happened? I say, do not tolerate the actions of someone that shows disrespect and lack of interest. I am writing an article about why you should not let or allow red flags from anyone, especially your partner. If you are in a relationship, I know that you can relate to this. But if you are single, I guess you need to read this one.

It would be best not to tolerate red flags because:

  • It can make the person think it’s not wrongSometimes when you are tolerating someone for disrespecting you, they believe that is right. They will never realize that it is not right until you stop standing with them and start pointing out their mistakes.

  • The same scenario could happen to other people tooIf you will not tell your partner or make them feel that their actions are red-flagged, the situation and scenario can happen to someone they will meet someday. It can make them think that they can do the same thing to others because it was okay to you.

  • They will not take things seriously with youIt happens most of the time to people who keep quiet and do not speak up against red flags. They receive less care and love and are sometimes not taken seriously. It is best to consider thinking twice if you want to take your life into serious decision-making and relationships.

  • They will take disadvantage of you. It is the usual case when it comes to tolerating red flags. People tend to take advantage of you because they think you are not aware of their mistakes. They assume you take them lightly. It happens between partners, and one of them is the person who takes advantage of the other because they are kind and has a pure heart.

We must not endure and allow red flags because there are consequences to face to do it. Growing up, I realized that life is also about giving and receiving respect from people of any age, gender, and relation to you. Everyone deserves kindness and love. Red flags start to happen when people lose sight of the definition of love and are scary.

Each of us already experienced the situation where we knew and felt that action was a red flag. It is either we told the person, forgave them, or walked away from them. And to me, second chances are real, but red flags have limitations. My forgiveness depends on how worst the actions were, and I will always live upon it. I will never settle for less and make someone feel that they have the authority to disrespect me or even show a lack of integrity to me. Red flags are not for me to bear, but it ends with me.

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Date Published: August 25, 2021

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1 year ago


"They will take advantage of you". Yan talaga number 1 for me followed by "they would think it is ok for you or what they are doing is right". Parang sa mga abused women especially mga wives. Yung labandera namin noon hindi lumalaban kapag jinojombag siya ng asawa niya. Hindi din nagagalit or ano. Parang tinotolerate niya din ang pagkaboxer ng asawa niya. I mean hindi siya talagang boxer. Nagiging boxer kapag nakakainom. Nung marami na nagpayo sa kanya, ayun nagkalakas ng loob lumayas. Kaso ang masaklap eh iniwan niya mga anak niya. 😔 kaya buntis na ngayon panganay niya wala pang 20. Hindi na nagabayan ng husto.

But anyway, napakagaling naman nga talaga ni charmingcherry08 pag dating sa mga articles. Salute.

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1 year ago

But sometimes the red flags are not so obvious

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1 year ago

I agree with you. It just depends on the person, if he/she will notice that it is already a red flag. :) Thank you for sharing your thought, PV! ♥️

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1 year ago