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Who Says Writing Is Just For Those Who Can Write In English?

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2 months ago
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I have invited a lot of my friends to join the platform but most of them would refuse my proposal for two reasons: They are either not fond of writing, or they are not confident or can't write well in English.

Q10Being able to write well in full English has its advantages but that doesn't mean those who don't or can't has no right to write and earn extra. Luckily, there are platforms like that allows us to write in our own language, so even those who are struggling in English can still participate and earn BCH.

For those who are struggling, here are a few things you can do:

Write in your own language

As I've said, some platforms don't necessarily require their users to write in full English. If you're a Filipino, for instance, and you think you can't write an article in English, why not start with Tagalog articles first. Although Tagalog articles will only give you a limited audience, rest assured that you will still find readers on this platform, thanks to our Filipino writers here.

Use your bilingual skills

In the Philippines, we call it TagLish, where one uses both Tagalog and English at the same time. If you can do half in both, that would be better. However, if you can't, then just add a few English words in your article, and the majority is written in your preferred language. Again, your audience will be limited but as you go along the way, you will be able to improve your writing skills. Just continue and don't let the language barrier prevents you from earning BCH.

Write in your preferred language and convert it into English

Good thing some websites offer free translation in different languages. All you need to do is write an article in your preferred language and convert them into English. Although the translations may not be accurate, you can just read them and do some changes to make them readable enough for your readers.

You wouldn't believe me if I tell you I wrote this one here myself. This is one of a few Wikipedia content I wrote in Italian version in 2020. Click the link to see the original post.

I've already done this before when I was still working on a Wikipedia task. At that time, I had to write about existing English content and make an Italian version of it. So I wrote the content first in English and converted them into Italian. Some words might be a bit off when translated into Italian, but luckily for me, I have a Tunisian friend who can speak the language. In short, I was lucky enough to have an editor who can polish my work. When I showed it to my client for approval, it was accurate, and I was able to publish it.

Closing thoughts

There is always a solution for everything. You just need to explore the possibilities and try them for yourself. As time goes by, you'll be able to improve your English and eventually, you can write an article in full English without the need for a translator.

No idea what to write? Start with something personal like your interests, your struggles, your hopes and dreams, and you'll have more topics to write about as you continue.

As they say, practice makes perfect so keep writing, and you'll do good in the long run. I used to have issues in writing in English before but now, I think I have improved quite a bit.

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Written by   926
2 months ago
Topics: Writing
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