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5 months ago

Hello everyone, how are you?

I hope all are well by the grace of Almighty.

Today I gonna share unexpected news. Already you read my article title and I know you surprised me to see it.

Yesterday (30 August) I have got 1663.2 😱points. I am not kidding dear. It's real. But It's was really unexpected for me. Because of the first time in my journey. It's my highest earning points.

Can you believe this? In a single day, I was getting these huge points. Those days I have published 3 articles. Most of the articles I got more likes and views and also I got some upvotes too. Also, I did many comments. Always I try to did useful comments. I think It's helped to increase my points. Always I try to publish original content. So I think it also helps me to get more points.

Now I share my those days article.

My other achievement clicks here if you want to read this article.

I think It's one of my best articles. Which got this huge like, comments and views. I think this article helped to increase my points.

Random photos [part 16 ] click here to read my article.

It's another article in which I was published in those days. It also helps to increase my points. Also here I got an upvote too.

Don't expect help from others rather than helping yourself. Here is my third article. It actually a motivational article. So if anyone gets interest you can read this article.

Here also happened the same thing got more likes, comments, views, and also got upvote. I am really thankful to them who read my article and also like my article too.

Also, I did many useful comments. So I think, all in all, my points have been so high. Although this is my highest point from

But today morning I got about 600+- points. I am so sorry that I cannot take a screenshot.

Today I have got $1.58. Because of my activities was not so good.

But I think :

  • If you try to publish good and original content.

  • If you try to do useful comments on other articles.

  • If you don’t try to cheat by doing anything.

  • If you don’t try to break any rules of

You can get good points. But It's an important matter that read. cash isn’t an earning site like other freelancing websites. Here we can earn something by doing some fun. So here you cannot earn too much. From reading.the cash you can learn many thinks. So we can learn and earn something doing fun and can get some pocket money.

N.b- Every day I get too many notifications so I cannot read all articles. So I am so sorry for all of you. But I will try my best to read and also do like comments in your article.

So now you can give your opinion. Is this points are unexpected or expected?

Thank you everyone for reading my article.

No more now.

Stay safe.

God bless you all.


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Written by   699
5 months ago
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