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Helping the Western World getting close to Eastern World

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4 months ago

Many times we try to give our best effort helping others with the idea of ​​offering a BitcoinCash for everyone, we propose to do things that we have never thought about, from our vision, looking for those who do not yet know BitcoinCash is essential, that is our main inspiration, draw smiles where there are none and offer hope where all seems lost.

On this occasion I would like to celebrate the first year of Team Ryver in by helping to share our experiences and thoughts with the Eastern hemisphere as well as the content of the most valued articles during the history of this site about BCH topics. Encouraging knowledge in multiple languages ​​is what will allow us to make Bitcoin Cash truly borderless and integrate everyone in the construction of sound money.

For this we have reached some professional translators in the Asian continent. We have different cultures, religions and languages ​​but we have something in common "Bitcoin Cash". It is what can link cultures beyond language and other barriers.

Today we managed to get WeChat with the help of our translators in China and we invited one of them to accept payments in BitcoinCash instead of FIAT money. During the search for the Bitcoin wallet we observed that wallet is not available in the playstore may be is blocked by chinese goverment and we recommend her another very popular app in Asian countries Ibitcome wallet.

After solving some questions about cryptocurrencies, she downloaded the wallet and configured it, sending her QR code to receive payments in BitcoinCash. Never imagine being able to convince a person 15,000 kilometers away to accept Bitcpin Cash. This makes me very happy.

In addition to this experience, today we will talk with @blockblanc and @CindyWang about their suggestions on how to expose our articles with the eastern community, so we want to place these articles after translations in the hands of @SatoshisAngels because they know how to share to Asian community. Thanks for your support.

The best way to celebrate our first anniversary at @Read.Cash is breking down language barriers with BitcoinCash.

Among the articles that we have selected are (14) of the 88 articles posted by me in read.Cash, we would like to share the evolution of Team Ryver during a year of work sharing BCH and experiences. Our chinese translators additionally accept to translate another (6 ) articles than have not been translated into the Chinese language related to various topics in the Bitcoin Cash community.

We would like to translate the next articles to raise awarenees about BitcoinCash in the eastern BCH community:

  1. Mythbusting: We need a developer-fund by Tomz @TomZ (1437 words)

  2. The OG Bitcoin business model works fine by Noise @noise (1240 words)

  3. Infrastructure Funding by Blockparty-sh @blockparty-sh

  4. Attracting more Bitcoin Cash developers by SharkySharkdog @SharkySharkdog (705 words)

  5. BCH: Looking back and Moving forward by AndrewStone @AndrewStone (1997 words)

  6. A developer's thoughts about Bitcoin Cash development by Noise @noise (1212 words)

Total: 7298 words

The next ones are Team Ryver Articles:

  1. More than 120 days in love with BCH!(391 words)

  2. 100 days ago of an unexpected interview... (396 words)

  3. Mythbusting: "Cryptocurrencies are most useful for breaking laws" (1192 words)

  4. BitcoinCashRyver Venezuela 150 days and heading 2020 (1475 words)

  5. BitcoinCashRyver Operation "BCH Culture": Sowing Seeds (822 words)

  6. When I think of BCH... (461 words)

  7. Thanks BCH Community! (745 words)

  8. Build Bridges. You can do it! (755 words)

  9. BCH Clear Path: Freedom! (1215 words)

  10. Bitcoin Cash Ryver Group Vision and Next steps (1475 words)

  11. CulturaBCH Venezuela: July Update and Future steps (1106 words)

  12. Bitcoin Cash A Dream For All (568 words)

  13. Sowing Bitcoin Cash (822 words)

  14. Big Blocks of Hope (2195 words)

Total: 13618 words

Our chinese translators after an amazing feedback today are available to complete the translation of 21.000 words and create chinese banners for each article. Let's support them!

We will be raising fund to this initiative trough platform. Special thanks to @Keith_Patrick for support our efforts and improve your free and easy site.

Campaign link:

Goal: 5.72 BCH (Funded)

Expire date: 10/16/2020

The main goal is raise awareness about BCH experiences in the world to asian people and showing them our vision and activities. Indeed this will highlight that Bitcoin Cash is borderless money for Everyone in the World and another topics related to BCH. It is hard task, but we need to create content easy to spread for everyone in the world and confirm that BCH is sound money.

Helping the Western World getting close to Eastern World!


Sofia 💚

Thank you to @majamalu @btcfork and @Keith_Patrick

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Updated: 10/15/2020 Campaign Funded

We appreciate the alliance with our first sponsor @OKEX We are very motivated to continue building with you the present and future of the use of Bitcoin Cash. Thank you!

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Written by   640
4 months ago
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4 months ago

It might be interesting but after reading it my first question is: What are you talking about? What has the title to do with the text? What team? How come I never heard of this team?

What do you mean by "breking down language barriers with "?

Will Asia and the Western world come closer? Is there a need to?

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4 months ago
  1. Breaking language barriers allows raise awareness about experiences and opinion of western world translating content to Asian Community about some BCH topics.
  2. If we are building money for everyone, communicating efficiently is a must.
  3. Team Ryver
  4. May be you follow rockstars, we are workers.
  5. Related to 1st quesion
  6. It is a dream, i believe it.
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4 months ago

Nice article

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4 months ago

I think the WeChat Group will help you to go ahead one more step. Best wishes. @SofiaCBCH If you need a Bengali translator. I will help you.

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4 months ago

Wow what a nice and amazing idea you got up there, spreading Bitcoin cash to every part of the world is our main goal.....thumbs up

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4 months ago