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Mythbusting: "Cryptocurrencies are most useful for breaking laws"

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1 year ago

-Español- "Las Criptomonedas son mas utiles para romper las leyes"

Hi dear Jill, My name is Sofia.

Several days ago I read your article and I tried to summarize a series of thoughts about what a "freedom tool" is for me and for you it is a "most useful tool for breaking laws"


In a voracious struggle to encompass territories and establish patterns for citizen development in a globalized world, doctrines have been erected from the most dominant empires throughout the history of societies, which have allowed, among many things, to guide and trace the individual actions in different ways through persuasion methods, which we are not all specific to identify or escape from them, possibly due to lack of education (most cases) or by omission, in a way: cultural, economic, religious and political .

Throughout history it has been seen as products created for certain purposes have been used by people or groups for another purpose, finding in these a way to obtain personal benefits. It is incredible how the detention of Ross Ulbricht is still sustainable for only being the creator of a network that was deformed by the use of a few, putting Ross's reputation at stake and to this day his freedom.


There are countless examples about the appropriate use or not of the inventions of man, an illustrative example from my point of view is that of the telephone designed as a device to facilitate communication between people, allowing proximity to others regardless of distance . This form of communication has been used to facilitate illegal activities, extortion and kidnapping, among others. Despite this, it has evolved into an intelligent tool that allows you to control work, home, finances, among other things from a single device in real time (smartphones), its performance is no longer measured only for the purpose it was created. say make or receive calls, but as a versatile and essential tool.

A tool of Freedom

During this social evolution, “A tool of freedom” has emerged, among its many benefits, has allowed citizens to be freed from financial systems, from the wrong decisions made by their political leaders, isolate them from dynamite economies and even give access to the unbanked , putting in the hands of people a system that allows them to carry out transactions in a fast, efficient and secure way, which is constantly evolving through protocols based on blockchain and without the need to expose your privacy to make daily exchanges.

Just as the BTC and its evolutionary forks arrived, a cryptocurrency series also arrived to strengthen the ecosystem. All with the purpose of being used through cryptography as a means of exchange between people, from their different stream of conception, they are additionally useful for encrypting messages, combating censorship, ensuring privacy and even establishing smart contracts through same. Among many of its uses, they have tried to evolve to make them faster and more efficient in the context of handling more information in the shortest possible time, in a decentralized way and without discrimination.


It is an alternative for which a large number of citizens around the world have decided to opt, observing cases of corruption and monitoring through regular channels, which are dominated by governments and transnational corporations of different services that only want to sustain their monopoly and hegemony around world. It is incredible to talk about money laundering, financing of irregular groups, human trafficking white and selling drugs directly related to cryptocurrencies, (they have stigmatized their use, no doubt) when these actions have existed even before the existence of them and even with the endorsement of governments that highlighted their neatness or justified their immoral actions under the premise of a masked struggle for "freedom":

Here are a few examples of how everything is not what it seems:

Everything that has been mentioned before has been done since all times and is a problem of human morality not of cryptocurrencies, they have masked these illicit actions with banks in tax havens, offshore accounts and any other channel that the banks themselves have hidden and has been used for money laundering and other illegal activities. Without implying that it is the responsibility of banks or corporations. The use is the sole responsibility of each user.


It cannot be guaranteed that cryptocurrencies are only a useful tool for breaking laws, just because people or groups have changed from using existing means to using cryptocurrencies to launder money or make illicit payments. I am also aware that the great global banking elite has television channels, newspapers, journalists, singers and others at your service. They serve as funded puppets to sustain their model and grab attention through their great social influence.

This motivates me even more to ensure that in its evolution through cryptography, cryptocurrencies allow and allow to cover all financial spaces in an intelligent, fast, secure and uncensored way from the north pole to the south pole.


Do you know what I'm afraid of, dear Jill ?(if one day you read that article), to live in this world of espionage, monitoring and political-economic persecution towards citizens. Large financial groups have chosen to attack cryptocurrencies in the face of the obvious independence they represent, using the means they have to discredit everything concerning them.

Cryptocurrencies do not seek the disappearance of banking systems, but rather be an alternative investment and payments without implying high payment commissions and fees for their use.

The cryptocurrencies are Freedom.

Dismantling the myth: I can assure you that the BitcoinCash as a cryptocurrency that I use in most of my transactions (90%) has allowed me to send collaborations to needy groups in southern Africa and Venezuela, donate to help those who do not have clothes or shelter , thank you for a comment to a person in Japan, receive a payment from Oceania for doing a good job, send a shipment to a family member thousands of km away and everything has been completed in a matter of seconds, without moving from my home, without discriminate against me because of my nationality or how much money I have in my bank account.

Imagine doing this in the current banking system is impossible, I can not do it because my credit cards in Venezuela do not allow me to make transactions in dollars, the exchange markets are all speculative and dominated by mafias, or because I simply need to have at least 500 $ and be a US citizen to be able to open an international account, and have access to send money from one continent to another.

Reasons that fortunately still dear Jill, you have not had to experience, and let me assure you that cryptocurrencies meet all the requirements to take the forefront in global exchanges.

I fear this world where everything seems to be what it is not, where many citizens are invisible. I will not give up trying to change it!

I invite you to visit the modest YouTube channel of the group to which I belong BitcoinCashRyver and observe that the BitcoinCash is fast, reliable and secure. Please do it before it is censored. Sofia 💚















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Written by   646
1 year ago
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This would really benefit from more human translation - I recognize too much body text from auto reverse translate which I used to read the original Spanish version ;-)

I cannot translate it myself well, but I can spot some things that need correction.

It is an alternative that has decided to opt for a large number of citizens around the world

I think this ought to be

It is an alternative for which a large number of citizens around the world have decided to opt

The criptocurrecies are Freedom

Spelling correction:

The cryptocurrencies are Freedom

Reasons that fortunately still dear Jill, you have not lived them


Reasons that fortunately still dear Jill, you have not had to experience,

Dismissing the myth

looks like the wrong verb - suggestions:

Refuting the myth

Dismantling the myth

Dispelling the myth

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1 year ago

Updated! Thank you 💚

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1 year ago

have decided to opt decided to opt

copy paste error

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1 year ago