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BitcoinCashRyver Venezuela 150 days and heading 2020

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Tambien en -Español-

Continuing the journey to an adventure that is close to turning 150 days, I view the rearview mirror to observe the entire path traveled to this day.

It has been several days where the group has had to adapt to the evolution of this process of knowledge sharing and making the BCH a tool of freedom to access for all, where our shield is BitcoinCash on any barrier of ignorance and attacks on the use of cryptocurrencies.

New Stage

At present it is no secret that the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela has been becoming more and more so that it has gone from being a rumor in the streets to a reality, currently in Venezuela the inclusion of the national cryptocurrency (Petro) under a system of social benefit , has become a commercial phenom in just 20 days, some of us still do not assimilate the impact of this measure, under which it is a whole machinery and mined even of many doubts around.

This event has transformed the ecosystem of use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in a very short time, offering without doubt to Bitcoincash a space reserved for its evolutionary treatment, but there is still a long way to go and doubts to clear society, it is still a tabu for many people to use cryptocurrencies as an exchange medium.

BCH Ryver Flyer to interviews.

Bitcoin must be easy

More than 3 months ago we were interviewed by an important organization of the Bitcoin community, there we were captured to express our ideas and raise a flag in relationship to the best way to guide efforts within a society that seeks solutions to basic problems.

We are of the thought that the big ideas start from simple terms of use, it doesn't make sense to want to offer the BCH as the tool to buy a space rocket when with just a few cents you can recharge water bottles for daily consumption, this being an almost constant activity.

This is the idea that people transmit in the streets, the citizen wants real alternatives that allow the use of a payment alternative from people to person and with a completely transparent blockchain.

At the beginning of this project we warned about the lack of education and the need to dedicate ourselves to take the spaces to consult people about their ideas about how to approach them to the use of BCH and avoid imposing first world models on societies that are not yet ready to go.

Sharing Knowledge about BCH

Now or never 2020

In a new day and the first of the year 2020 we have gone out to contrast the experiences of the use of cryptocurrencies in the main centers of commerce, as a first step we approach 200 users in a period of (04) hours among (04) volunteers.

During this activity it was possible to initiate a conversation of at least two minutes with each person to know their experience with current questions in relation to the use of cryptocurrencies, Petro and BitcoinCash. This activity was carried out with the purpose of clearing doubts and making the contrast between the use of Petro vs BCH.

The level of acceptance is close to 80% as an experimental exchange tool. Additionally there is also the curiosity to know about the operation of the blockchain, shops where they accept the BCH and the possible exchange platforms in a secure way in which we recommend

Spreading BCH in suburbs


It is well known that the impact of the messages is accompanied by a safe propagation strategy. We are constantly growing to disseminate information that is not available to Spanish speakers such as the vast majority in Venezuela, from there started our #BreakingLanguageBarriers initiative in both Spanish and Portuguese we have shared several articles and informative videos around BitcoinCash.

On the other hand we enable a YouTube channel where we share and highlight the important features of BitcoinCash.

Making it easy to understand through multimedia content is very important for us, as well as sharing experiences of exchanges between unknown people to understand the operation of the BCH, as an easy, fast and reliable means of exchange.


The adoption as a medium-term objective is to establish the link between these people that we addressed during this first activity of 2020, towards businesses that may receive dispersed BCHs in the community, we propose to start simple exercises to common problems through the wallet swap, tickets awarded with BCH and prizes in specific shops for products.

Something as simple as buying drinking water is an attraction for us, and then we go to other types of shops with planned solutions to recurring problems with education strategies towards them. It is not the same to educate the consumer in contrast to the merchant, most traders have more debts than interests to save on cryptocurrencies, especially in an inflationary economy such as Venezuela. That is why I have repeated the message that Venezuela is a special case and requires special strategies.

Team BitcoinCash Ryver Venezuela 2020

Forward movement

The next steps of our community are oriented to provide tools of easy access and from any place in the native language of the community, related to basic instructions for the use of the BCH exchange, wallets, exchanges and education forums such as the Ryver platform.

Education for us is a premise and a standard that we are not going to give up, people first want to know to progressively risk and therefore our commitment is to carry the message of the BCH, without becoming the protagonists of the activities and in a way easy to understand.

Avoid getting ahead in progressive steps is something important for us, because our margin of error is little, the activities are paid for by our own merits without external sponsorships, something that has helped us to transform ourselves and adapt ourselves to the challenge that appears in our path.

Spreading BCH in the Mall


We have maintained a constant study and analysis of the results month by month, with the purpose of setting trends that allow us to make decisions and properly orientate ourselves towards the future.

As a group it is important to identify ourselves fully with BCH as well as to be able to formalize our grouping legally in Venezuela, this has allowed us to inspire confidence about who we are and where we are oriented in society, businesses and in front of regulatory entities.

The basic problems inherent in the use of the BCH and its fears such as volatility, security, responsibility, exchanges and waiting times should be addressed with merchants and users.

Do you hear the people?

Challenges and Fears

In a society where opportunities are few and economic doctrines are well marked, it is difficult to offer alternatives and inspire confidence in the use of a cryptocurrency.

For this reason we have decided to take to the streets from the most humble markets in the suburbs of the city to the most exclusive shopping centers, in order to reflect transparency and easy access to the public who wants to know the BitcoinCash.

It is not a simple task to walk the streets of the city but the BitcoinCash must go to people and offer its range of benefits, so we interview from the humblest fruit seller to the owner of an electronic store without any discrimination or censorship .

"We consider as a group the duty to adapt to the conditions and challenges that arise in the way of sharing the BCH"

Under no circumstances do we ask users to pay to teach the use of BCH, nor do we ask our respondents or participants for collaborations.

Spreading BCH in popular markets


Offer a tool of freedom for the use of all, particularly our area of incidence will be in the East of Venezuela where we have participants of the group in the states of Monagas, Anzoategui and Bolivar.

The purpose of our task is to inform at least 2000 people around (03) states during the first (03) months through interviews, promote the creation of 600 electronic wallets through paper wallets, share tickets awarded with BCH, promote stores of basic products (water, food, cleaning products) for the acceptance of BCH and guarantee an organic flow of exchange, remittances sent mainly to Brazil for being a border of the Bolivar State and the aid of the Venezuelan exiles on the border through the BCH.

If you feel identified with our efforts and activities, your collaboration will be grateful for helping us meet the goals around the BCH in 2020.

When you feel sentient and exhausted it is because the message you have been delivering with true love, if you feel comfortable and relaxed, you have not given your best.

Bitcoin Cash for everyone! Sofia 💚

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Written by   647
1 year ago
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Nice article sir you did it great

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Amazing! Congratulations to the whole team on the successful integration.

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The ID's you were wearing just give me ideas. Gonna make ID for us too.

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