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More than 120 days in love with BCH!

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1 year ago

More than 120 days ago borned the idea of ​​making BitcoinCash more useful for everyone surrounded by an incredible team, more than 100 days ago of a surprising interview, more than 90 days ago to change my place of residence (Colombia) to accompany a group that asked for more ideas and acceptance, more than 60 days ago that someone decided to give up and 30 days ago we decided to reinvent ourselves to transform my routine into a roller coaster, where everything can happen.

Surrounded by ideas and illusions, I can't help but get excited by looking back and observing that this movement has grown steadily every day, with ups and downs on my trip around this project I can attest that BitcoinCash changes lives and ways of thinking around the world.

What 120 days ago was a plan to promote an alternative for the many calamities that are lived in South America, we have confirmed that beyond highlighting our problems, we can make humble efforts to highlight our virtues and even discover talents that we do not know of each one of us, in a community that requires everyone's effort, from the place or position in which we are controlled and in the most authentic way possible.

I admire the work of many of the great characters around Bitcoin Cash and even the local initiatives that separate their problems to dedicate a BCH promotion with their limited tools but infinite desire to do better, something that in Venezuela is admirable, particularly I do not want Make personal mentions so as not to leave anyone unspecified, but if you are promoting the BCH from your heart, I will surely admire you from where you are doing it.

More than ten thousand days ago that giving up for me is not an option, Thank you Bitcoin Cash and the surrounding community for taking away the desire to sleep and fill me with Dreams! Sofia 💚

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Beautifully stated.

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1 year ago

✊ keep fighting the good fight. Viva la revolucion!

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1 year ago

I would love to read and see photos and videos here of the work that you do!

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1 year ago