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2 Months and still Counting

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7 months ago

We actually did it,me and my girlfriend is now 2 months.Just kidding😹

I am now 2 months in here.But im still like a newbie,but its okey because i believe that every people are learnings even they already reach the high ranking.

My 2 months experience in is awesome.I talk to much to other users and spent time commenting on other articles.Even if random rewarder never visits me i still continue my journey here.

I spent time in writing my articles and many people read it some article got a total of 20+ views which makes me very happy.

I publish a total of 11 articles.Lets talk about why i wrote those articles.

Lets go!

This is my first article last month☝️

I write this because i cant erase the question what if in my

In this article o got a total of 5 views it makes me feel happy

Here is my second article ☝️

I wrote this article for my mother and for celebration in mothers day.In this article i got a total of 5 views.

Here is the third article ☝️

I wrote this because i cant get over about this experience in my life.It is written in tagalog so if you are not a filipino i am so sorry dude.I got a total of 7 views

My views on my article got higher and higher which inspires me to write more article.

This is my fourth article ☝️

I wrote this article because i realize that noise cash has a better way on how to earn and it is easy like a

I got a total of 13 views in this article

Here is my fifth article ☝️

I wrote this article because there is a nft giveaway which is you need to write a post about a certain topic about juungle.This is the is my second most viewed article this month.It has a total of 22 views.

This is my sixth article☝️

I wrote this because i want to share my experience about cinema.It has a total 14 views

This is my seventh article ☝️

I wrote this because i want to prove that this platform is really helpful to all of us.This is my most viewed article.It has a total of 27 views.

This is my eighth article☝️

I want to introduce myself a little bit to all of you.It has a total of 16 views.

This is my ninth article ☝️

I wrote this to share and inspire everyone not to sell on the big dil the last month.

It has a total of 18 views.

This is my tenth article ☝️

I wrote this because i want to share on how i reached my goal and what other platform i used to earn that amount of BCH.I got a total of 20 views.

This is my eleventh article ☝️

I wrote this because my mother is a plantita and i want to share what is the importance of plants in to our life and also to encourage people to take care of plants not to destroy them.I got a total of 12 views.

I add all of my views and i got a total of 160 views this month.This news makes me feel happy.

As a little celebration lets have a guessing game the winner will get $0.25 worth of BCH.

How to join?

Make a guess on how many views i will get in this article until June 6 2021 8:00 P.M.

(Philippine time)

Lets enjoy guessing🥰

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Written by   45
7 months ago
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Stay strong po sainyo ng GF mo 😊 Lab lab lang palagi at syempre time is gold

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7 months ago

Wala po akong gf😆

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7 months ago

Happy 2 months sayo ng GF mo, sa panaginip? Ahahahaha. But seriously, sunod mo mg ececelebrate jan ee ung goals na naachieve mo 🤩 kaya congrats na agad eh

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7 months ago

Salamat po

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7 months ago

33 views.. I hope I'm wrong because higher than that good luck

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7 months ago


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7 months ago

12 views... Goodluck John

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7 months ago