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1 year ago

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality -Shawn Ashmore 

Im a private person and sometimes i dont share information about me.Sometimes i got so nervous when there is a stranger knows my identity.

I have a big secret on my life few people know it haha

Today i will share who i am.

Hello i am John Patrick Tatunay President of the philippines.charot😹

I am John Patrick Tatunay a 13 year old kid.Yes your right im just a kid.If you are curious on what wallet i use for my BCH i use my brothers account he is already 18 and qualified to make an account in and he is also a newbie trader.

Lets start where i live

I live in Aringay La union.If you want to visit our town you should go first to our church.Our church is full of beautiful garden and perfect for your photography.

Our town also have grapes farm,beach and resorts and mall.

Lets talk about the food that i want

I dont have a favorite food.If my mood wants that food i will eat it.I like vegetable than meat because meat takes time to cook especially when beef but vegetable is easy too cook and healthy.I dont like paksiw na isda or sinigang na isda i dont know why but they taste like nothing fried fish is better.I also like street food like barbeque or fishball and kwek-kwek.

Lets talk about me

Im a shy person i dont usually share my feeling/problems into anybody unless it is my brother and friends.I dont share my problem to my parents but i always share it to my brother if i do something wrong i cant calm my self if i never told my brother about it.I feel more comfortable if i say my problem to other person i feel like the problem is already gone.

If you have a friend that is super depressed or sad try to take time to talk to him/her so that she can share his/ger problem so that he/she can feel more comfortable.

Lets talk about my friends

At this point your mind will be shock if im a gay or

Even if im not friendly and shy i also have a friends and but almost of them are girls😎.I dont have a feeling to all of them haha.I also have boy bestfriend and one of them is my elementary classmate i always with him we eat lunch together and go everywhere.

I feel more comfortable if i am with my girl friends the reason why i hate to be in boys because i dont want to be cool or like a bad boy haha.Almost of my boys classmates is addicted to online games and i already stop it thats one of the reason.

My father is a tricycle driver.Oneday i am with my friends i am the only boys there and we are going in the house of our one classmate and i met my father i feel ashamed i just tell him that i will go somewhere with the girls.I dont know what he is thinking.

Lets talk about my hobby

I want to take a picture of a cute flowers and i really want to draw if im bored Here in our house i always draw and taking some picture of our cutie flowers.

These are some of my taken pictures.

The first phot was taken yesterday while the second one was taken few months ago.

Lets talk about academics

I am not a smart kid i never experience on the top but im trying hard to reach it.

When i was in elementary my mind is not so wide and i dont even experience tobe in top 10.Im a late bloomer since i became highschool i started to be a little bit smart haha.I always got reward every culminating program even if im not the top 1 atleast i reach with honor.I feel so happy

If covid 19 didnt appear maybe im a grade 9 student now.

My real goal is to reach valedictorian in grade 10 i know its impossible but there is a quote that "nothing is impossible if you put hardwork on it".

Last one is the color that i want

I really like blue.Blue always fit into my body and i feel comfortable with it.Its like a ocean and the sky.Its so lovely to see

I hope you learned a little bit about myself today

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Every time remember keep your privacy secret and no matter how open you are with foreign people and how close in a platform.. Anyway, no matter what age you are in but rather than coinsph you can use up to trust or any privet key wallet provider which will makes your fund more secure while that will be only you who can control your funds.. Enjoy YOUR life bro now😉

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1 year ago

Haha, bata bata pa pala nitong batang areh ee. Nakakatuwanag makita na nagsisikap ang mga batang katulad mo para maka earn and maka help sa magulang. Ayos yan bata, tuloy mo lang at sipag at tyagaan mo lang ng oag aaral for sure madadali mo din yang Valedictorian. By the way, ayos yan na dika mag barkada sa mga lalaking gamer baka mahawa ka at mapabayaan ang oag aaral. Focus ka nalang muna sa studies mo okie. Saka dito para naman masaya haha. Fighting 💪

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1 year ago