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1 year ago

Hello everyone i have a good news!

Last month i failed to reach my goal.


1.I focus on the amount ($) not the BCH satoshi.

2.That time BCH price is very low.

3.I am not active in read cash and noise cash.

I also posted about my goals last month.Check it here.

Even i failed to reach my $50 goal last month i didnt give up to reach it and this time i set my goal in to easy one.

I believe that "If you want to be the top you need to start on easy one"

I use 2 wallets one for my juungle balance and 1 for my read cash and noise cash earnings

So lets start,what is my real goal for this month.

I didnt do any article or any post here in read cash about my goal i just keep it secret until i reach it.

My goal this month is to reach 0.05BCH i know its not a big money for you but for me as a student its a big money for me because i gain some extra income while at home and doing my school works.

All the money i earned last month i transfer it to my other wallets.So i started in zero.

People says "everything starts from zero"

Before the first day of this month noise cash has a good way of earning and my regular earnings in everyday become x3 so i decided to set a goal again before the month start again.I decided to focus on satoshi not on the $.

I gained a total of 0.029 BCH on read cash and noise cash.I am so sad because 0.029 BCH is just a $15.

At first day in this month my noise cash earnings is working so well.Everyday i reached my qouta and sometimes i reached my qouta for the next day.Since im not a greedy person after i reached my qouta i will say goodbye and i will say goodmorning again tomorrow.

I post many kind of contents in noise cash like foods,lifestyle,memories and many other things.

I met many new friends some of them are not active anymore because they are so busy but they post sometimes which is i can talk to them sometimes.

I set a goal to reach $50 in noise cash and luckily i only need to cover 1/4 of it because i already reached 3/4.I already earned a total of $39 but the $11 i gave it to my brother but still i count the $11 on my 50$ goal,i need to work more hard.I feel so sad because noise cash heart tips is so low and its hard to earn a 1$.

When this month starts i dont have some plan to continue writing articles here but i say to myself "should i continue writing there,what if i didnt reach my qouta in noise cash maybe read cash can help a little bit".I convince my self to continue my journey here.So i decided to write articles here again but i started in the second week of the month.

At first i dont have many friends here i dont know anyone here even if im almost 1 month in this platform.I started to explore and meet other users and read other articles.

Earlier i compute the total amount that i earned in this month.

In 23 days i earned a total of $3.74 which is Im so shock like seriously i earned that amount without random rewarder (random rewarder never visits me lol).Im so proud of my self yes very very proud.haha

This month i gained a total of 0.024 BCH in trading nft in

Since BCH price pump in the second week of May BCH price become high and whales on juungle didnt appear.My juungle sales is so low this month.I also give up on my 1 waifu i bought it 0.007 BCH and i sold it for only 0.002BCH i feel so sad that time like i want to cry that i lost 0.005 BCH that money is a big money for me.But i didnt give up on my 1 waifu km still holding it and my other waifus that i bought at cheap price.And i sold other assets that is lower than my buying price i am really a impatient person because i believe time is

Even i lose some money im still happy because my artwork got sold in a good price 0.0005 BCH yes its a little bit cheap but im still happy because someone bought it and he/she is holding it because i never saw it ln the market again.

Last friday i bought 1 waifu for only 0.0021 BCH and i sold it for 0.011 BCH yesterday.

This month i gained a total of 0.053 BCH im hoping to reach 0.06BCH in the end of this month

Lets reach our goal and treat our self after it.Lets get it on!!

$ 0.25
$ 0.10 from @Ruffa
$ 0.05 from @carisdaneym2
$ 0.05 from @immaryandmerry
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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Congrats!!! You made it even without Rusty visiting you. Tiyaga lang, dadalawin ka din nun. :)

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1 year ago

Salamat po

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Naysuuuu, basta sipagan lang talaga bata. Dadaanan ka din nyan ni rusty basta walang sukuan. So wala kanang waifu ngayon? Akin na slp mo, bigyan ko ikaw.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Advance thank you po😹 Hoping parin po na daanan ni rusty haha


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1 year ago

Tiwala lang, ayos na paki check.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Narecieve kona po salamat po talaga♥️

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1 year ago

Buti lods naka goal kana ngayong month ng mabilis hehe

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1 year ago