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1 year ago

Im so sorry everyone for being emotional yesterday night.Yesterday i feel sad and down that is why i decided to write that article.

But on the other side of my mind i got more inspired.I will continue my journey here until i

Today i want to share my review about is a nft marketplace where you can buy nft.

At first i thought that juungle is like a black market.But i am wrong it is a marketplace where you can buy nft juungle use BCH as method of payment so i think juungle is helping to grow BCH community?🤷

I never tried to explore in another nft marketplace so the best marketplace for me is

If you want to sell your artwork you can sell it on juungle but you need to mint it first.

Sometimes i dont like


1.Because sometimes there is an error when you purchase nft but your money will be refunded dont worry.

2.Other nft is not visible.Tge picture is looks like a triangles and with color and sometimes it is like a color gray with a photo logo but when you will see it in explorer you can see the true picture of nft

There are many things that i like about

1.juungle is using BCH and i only have BCH on my wallet that is why im so happy

2.Juungle helps ne earn.One of my drawing has been sold here in

3.juungle is hosting contest like sticker competition and king of the juungle that has a very big price

Since i started in juungle i met new friends and have some fun with them.

I am already 1 month and 2 weeks on and i sold many nft.

19-AI Fluffy Pony



Im lazy to count some of them because in total they are 90 plus.

I sold rats,april nft,my artwork,rept and many others.

Today i am selling 5 nft.Im waiting for a buyer until now.If i got bored i will sell them at a very cheap price that is why im not to be

I have encounter many experience in juungle sometimes its a bad news sometimes its a good news.

May of the users are not buying a kid waifu.Since i was just new i bought a kid waifu at first i didnt know about waifus all i know is they are waifu.😹

I ask someone what is a good price for my waifu and she told my why did you buy a kid waifu it is hard to be sold.I feel so sad because i saw the word hard and i dont have too much funds to by another one.

But finally i sold it but i lose some money because i sold it in more lower price than my buying price but its okey since i won a waifu that time i already covered the money that i lose.

The next experience that i encounter is a good one👌

My highest sold assets is 0.02BCH

When i woke up someone message me on my telegram and he wants to buy my waifu.I agreed to his offer since i gained a lot in that price.I already set the price he wants and after a minute the waifu got sold.

After he buys the waifu he i thank him for buying it and he replied "give me your slp adress" i didnt expect that i thought he will give me another nft (not waifu) then he gave me 2 waifu those 2 waifu got sold for 0.005BCH im so happy that day.

The last one is my the best that i encounter.

I join in the telegram group of i met one user there she teach me all about im very thankful to her because she is the one why i sold a waifu for 0.02BCH and i meet many friends too.

I joined on juunglers group where some juungle users are there the admin is hosting some giveaways where you can win nft

Thats im wrting today because we have a giveaway to get a chance to win free nft.I am hoping to win thats why im doing my best to win.

If you want to join in that group you can jion here.

You are always welcome by the way you can so win some BCH .Our cute admin will welcome you with full of hearts come and join us lets have some fun and trade nft.

I hope you like my article today

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Hahahaha cute pa nga🤣 sana all madami pony na nasold sakin yata overpriced lol😂💚👌

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1 year ago

Diko nabasa ung pagiging emotional mo kahapon. Pero fighting haii.

Anywwy, is one of the best site for me. Lalo na ngayon, paoarating na ang Juungle 2.0. Sana lang malagyan na ng fund ☹️

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1 year ago