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Why plants is important

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7 months ago

When pandemic starts Filipinos become more interested in plants.

"President Duterte announces lockdown of Manila over coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak concerns March 12"

After a few weeks people discovered about planting/plants,they find it interesting and a good activity when we have free time.

Some people got an opportunity to build a business on selling plants,some are succesfull and some sellers got bankrupt.

Yesterday i went to my auntie's house and i saw many houses,i also went there before the pandemic. I noticed that every house,i saw 5-10 plants or more than 10,i saw the plants in there backyard or in front of their houses.Before those houses are empty and all you can see is just a house no plants or anything but when the pandemic starts they start to collect and adopt more plants.

My mother is one of them.She started to collect decorative plants on June 2020,now she is almost 1 year in plant industry.She had almost 20 kinds of any plants each of them has a 3-5 duplicates so she had a 60-100 plants.Yeah it is so tiring to water them daily.I spent 2 hours watering

It is good to adopt plants and grow them in your house but always remember dont get a plants in the forest because you are just ruining the forest.

Plants has many benefits to us Physically and mentally.


Do you notice that of you are done watering the plants you get a little bit tired?We need to carry a bucket of water so that we are able to water the plants,by carrying the bucket of water you are also doing exercise.If we carry a heavy or something that can make us a little bit tired we are sweating.Sweeting helps cool down the body.

Watering plants can help us Physically Fit and exercise.So watering the plants regularly can help us exercise and help our plants to grow well because needs water,so we can call it double good effect on our self as well as on the plant.


When we are super stressed we need to cool down our self.One of our stress remover is plants.Everytime im planting i feel so relaxed and satisfied.

If we saw plants that has a flowers we feel so amazed right because the flowers is so beautiful.

"Research has shown plants in the home can reduce stress in people by almost 40 per cent, because they remind us of the outdoors, nature, and a slower pace of life, which is instantly calming"

Being a fan of plants has many perks in our life.Thats why plants is really helpful


Did know plants make thier food in a process called photosynthesis.Once they have water and carbon dioxide, they can use energy from sunlight to make their food. The leftovers from making the plant food is another gas called oxygen.This oxygen is released from the leaves of the plant into the air.

People need to oxygen to be exist and earth has the only planet that has oxygen,plants produce oxygen that we really need to live.

But we also need food to eat so that we can live,fruits are from trees and other vegetable is from vegetable plants like squash,eggplant,okra and many more.

Plants is important in our health.Plants is the reason why we still exist.


Yeah it is sounds like a bad idea right but i will explain it.It is bad to get plants in the forest so how can i get plants so that i can sell?You should buy atleast one plant that you like.The plant you bought will became the mother plant you can cut its stem and plant it,after few days you can now have a new plant and your mother plant will have more branches and it will look better.Always remember that you need to wait it grow,patience is a virtue.

This also helps plant to propagate.In my own opinion,if we propagate the same kind of plants its existence will stay still


What is our main reason of buying plants?The main reason is for our decoration in our house.Houses are more better with plants.If your house is full of plants it is more better than without plants.Rare plants and Regular plants is used as a decor especially in wedding we use leaves and flowers.In our house we use plants as a decor inside and outside of our house.

If we take care plants we can live a happy life.

Lets take care our forest and mountains.Lets stop destroying our world.

Protecting nature will so protect our lives

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Written by   45
7 months ago
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