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My Lutang Moments (Floated Moments)

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2 months ago

Prompt/topic/challenge: Floated Moments

What is the purpose of this topic? So lately I noticed that the topic is very serious and the people/users are very serious right after the issue, most of what I see has a plagiarism checker due to trauma (I'm one of them, lmao.)

So before I start, the very purpose of our topic is to make the issue disappear from our mind, and let's go ahead and laugh first, don't bother with the issue because it's just a headache. It is important that we do not step on anything and it is important that we do nothing wrong.

Before you continue reading, and before you do this, calm yourself first and don't think about what happened. Mention your friends for more fun to take place here. Don't feel stress, it won't be good for everyone.

SORRY I WAS BORN PATA LANG MAGING LUTANG JUSKO. BUONG BUHAY KO LAGI AKONG LUTANG. I have so many lutang moments But di ko na ilalagay.

So we all have floating moments, we all do something that sometimes even we laugh at. Funny things never go out of our minds, and sometimes every time we remember it we just laugh.

Chicken Oil

  • So I just woke up and went to the kitchen, I woke up at lunch because I was feeling hungry. At that time I had on-the-job training (OJT) at a call center, It was Saturday, I just got home on Friday night. While I was looking for something to eat, I saw something that looked like chicken oil on the table. Isn't it when we say chicken oil that we will like the food because it is delicious mixed with rice, at that time I had no idea what it really was.

    So of course I took it and mixed it with rice once I entered the room. So here it is, while I was in the middle of eating, my mother suddenly became very angry and screaming because she said she was missing the coloring food that she mixed with water. I didn't pay attention to what she was saying, but she was very angry because she was missing what she was going to mix with what she was cooking, after I ate I went out. When I came out, my niece was looking at me. Even my dad asked me why my mouth was a little orange. I said I didn't know, and he asked me what I ate and I said that the chicken oil in the bowl I mixed with the rice earlier. After I said that, dad laughed and shouted "Alam ko na san yung colorig food mo! Gyra mixed your coloring food with her rice. Kaya wag mo na ako sisihin kasi di ko nga tinapon"

Soy Bean

  • It's one of the ones I won't forget because I'm so floating here, because my mother wants everything in the Ref. Vinegar, Soybean, Ketchup, or whatever else she can put in the Ref. The soy sauce is placed in a container of water. That kind of container has a label but I didn't look at it because I was tired. That was morning, around 7 am. I just came home from the plaza because we played badminton, when I got home I immediately opened the refrigerator. I was a little relieved when I saw it because I thought it was Coke. So of course I took it and then brought it back to the plaza, (Journalism was at that time so I needed to practice). When it was my turn, my colleague asked if he could drink from what I brought. So I said okay, when he was about, he said "Are you stupid? This is a soybean tf."

Para Po!

  • So at that time, I was in Manila, I traveled to Laspinas. I was from Laguna at that time, I suddenly forgot that I was in Luzon. So instead of "Para po", what I said was "Bangga" out loud. So pangga means Para, jusmeyo marimar si manong driver biglang prumeno, natapon tuloy yung hawak ni ate na siomai na isusubo na sana.

Two Pack Of Ice

  • So I just came home from school and this incident was just last month, it was hot at that time so I took the two pieces of Ice inside the refrigerator. The one I put in the water, the other I wrapped in a towel and a blanket (why did I do it? I don't know either). I was looking for an ice pack and it almost disappeared from my mind that I wrapped it in a towel and blanket. So because I didn't see it, I just let it go. In the evening, my niece came into my room to sleep and I was out of the house at that time. My niece called me and laughed with laughter, so I was irritated because I thought she was just joking around. She said, "Ate, Bakit may yelo kang naabalot dito? Your ice has melted and the dogs in your bed really like it because it's cold." And that's when I realized that it is why I couldn't find it :).


  • I was at the registrar to pay my tuition, the time I stood there then the money was presented. Suddenly the woman said "Ineng, that's a receipt"

I have so many lutang moments in my life and di ko maisa-isa. Hoping sa isa na to ay napatawa kayo.

many users were scared of what happened, especially me. So I guess I have some changes in my writing pattern like checking for plagiarism because it's hard to be reprimanded later.

So I challenge everyone to do this pampagaan ng mood niyo mga sis at brother!. I challenge @dziefem , @Marinov , @CrazyRichFilipina, @Yzza0625 , @ZehraSky , @Ayane-chan , @adereign , @Loveleng18 , @TengoLoTodo , @QueenRay @mhy09 na gawin niyo to. Also tag your friends na rin para mas enjoyable at maanod mas masaya.

Thank you ma, @tired_momma sa maagawang patawa. HAHAHA naunahan moko.

Closing thoughts:

So on this topic, I want everyone to be happy again and forget what happened, let's just be happy and stress is not good. you will remember that immediately

Plagiarism Check:

Ps: Sorry I'm just traumatized.

Date: 7-26-21
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2 months ago
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