Benefits of exercise in our body.

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Hi all

Today is Monday again. Another day to resume our normal duties after taking some rest and having fun for the weekend.

Yesterday we got an update from our WhatsApp group notifying us about this morning's PT (physical training) in the cantonment. We haven’t experienced one before so everyone was eager to go out and see how it looked. To me, it was a very nice one because I had to stretch all my body and make sure I had done all the physical fitness moves, from jogging, push-ups, and some others. After the thorough exercise, I got back home and took my bath before resting.

So today I would love to talk about exercise, its benefits, and its disadvantages.

We have to make sure we get ourselves the best exercise to avoid injury. Get a good, consistent workout routine that keeps you active, that includes mobility and flexibility training.

At times you might need to spend more time out of the gym, taking the stairs instead of walking. Try to lift only in the mornings, you'll burn more calories and get more work done. Do exercises that challenge your muscles and make them stronger.

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My advice: if you can, do a variety of different exercises. Build up your strength by building up and training different muscles all over your body and by doing exercises and movements that you feel comfortable doing. These exercises are the most effective. You can do them anytime. They are also great to take a few days off during busy days to give your joints a break from training - your muscles will have time to recover.

Benefits of exercise in the body.

There are various benefits we could get from exercising ourselves.

1. Aerobics is also an excellent way to lose weight, reduce the risk of disease, improve mobility, build strength, increase energy, strengthen the heart, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. It also can help to improve balance, coordination, and posture.

2. You are more likely to keep fit if your work is done in an environment where you have access to a range of exercises with a personal trainer and where they encourage you to build your strength.

3. Working out strengthens your bones, connective tissue, and connects with your mind.

4. It builds confidence. The best advice I can give to anyone trying to start a weightlifting program is to go for it. If you don't like the program or feel you are overtraining, then don't do it."

5. Exercise makes you stronger in many ways - it burns fat, improves joint mobility, and promotes healthy hormone levels.

6. With exercise your metabolism will be stimulated.

7. It may take time for your training to become consistent and regular, for instance, you need to tone your upper body, chest, back, arms, shoulders, triceps, and legs.

8. To get a good idea of how much muscle you can build you should always make sure you are on a proper program. While it isn’t possible to eat whatever you like, always limit your calorie intake per week.

9. When you lose bodyweight, a person gains muscle. If you want an extra pound of lean muscle, lose fat.

10. As I mentioned before, the best thing about bodybuilding is that it involves a fair amount of walking and not just lifting weights.

11. Keep working towards a goal and then you'll have achieved it. Exercise is a great way for you to stay motivated and engaged. And, remember to always keep a positive attitude.

13. Muscle building can improve flexibility and your ability to tolerate strain.

Disadvantages of exercise in the body.

There are various setbacks we could get from exercising too much.

Many of us are either injured or overweight (fat) while performing a specific exercise. Sometimes our muscles or bones can go too far beyond our design and can be damaging to our joints or tendinous structures.

Injuries can occur during exercise, or while training, when muscles are working too fast or too much. It's important to work out regularly, not just to make your muscles stronger and to burn fat because it makes your skeleton stronger.

Types of exercise

Various types of exercise are pretty good and healthy for the body some of which are

1. Push-ups: Push your heart rate up by sitting on your hands with your feet slightly apart and bringing your knees in to touch your chest and chest muscles stretch and relax.

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2. Cycling 3. Jogging 4. Walking 5. Running 6. Squats 7: Exercise aerobically makes a difference in your overall health and wellness, increases your heart and lung capacity, and helps keep you healthy.

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Exercise is good and recommendable ✅. But some of us don't normally go for the common type of exercise because the work frame is more than the basic exercise. Have you considered clearing grass as exercise? Highest form. Lol🤣

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1 year ago

One need to do exercise in their day basis, it not only helps us to keep physical healthy but also helps us to stay mentally healthy too. It's already Tuesday here😅 Wishing you a happy day

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1 year ago

Doing some physical exercise not only lose weight or some body fats but it also clear my mind from the stressful days that I encountered. That was what my observation is when I started getting fit last year but sadly I had to stop since I get busy with my kids modular learning

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1 year ago

Physical exercise is by far the greatest way to keep fit all the time. Its advantages so far outweigh its disadvantages. I am indeed subscribed to your content. No doubt about it, you are one of the leading lights on Read. Cash. Great of you. Keep it up.

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1 year ago

I cant remember the last time I did an exercise except for trekking

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1 year ago

The benefits of regular exercise can not be overstated.

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1 year ago