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In life, new experiences come and go. There are also certain situations where we cannot defy them. We are torn between choices, wherein we can only have to choose one from the options. Here comes the term ethical dilemma, or an incident that makes us question how we should behave or respond based on our beliefs. A judgment needs to be made between the right thing and the wrong thing.

As Albert Einstein quoted, "The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions, our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life."

Ethics is the outcome of human interpretation of right and wrong. One’s ethical outlook will influence one behavior in an aggregation of several circumstances. However, not all of us form our ethical system in the same ways as others do. Ethical dilemmas can be otherwise called moral dilemmas. It is ethical when we act in accordance with the standards and rules without denouncing all illicit activities.

On the other hand, a dilemma is a state in which someone is being torn with a profound choice between two or more alternatives. The right choice to the situation being experience from that moment is not always clear. One may need to apply ethical theories to resolve them. But there are also some circumstances where it is easy to choose.

Anyway, it is a case to case basis. Several perspectives about society, religion, and good and evil could undeviatingly influence the nature of ethics in a person. Sometimes, the circumstances will help deliver what kind of ethical theory should be exercised.

Contemplating all the information above, they can be used to examine the ethical dilemmas we personally experience. This will explain how those ethical situations can be resolved and how the resolution may have been impacted by applying different ethical theories, which may include utilitarianism, among others.

The following are practical tips on avoiding or mitigating ethical dilemmas encountered by people, in the workplace, inside the house, and in general. 

  • Create a practice of accountability and respect. 

  • Just disclose the least information essential to providing needed services.

  • Understand what establishes various connections, and avoid relationships that could undermine your performance. 

  • Implement a clear structure that helps you directly solve complicated ethical dilemmas. 

  • Have a clear schedule and plan each event carefully to avoid conflicting schedules, which may result in dilemmas. 

Rights, values, duties, and moral principles can be interpreted in several ways.  People have to follow usually held ethical norms in determining desired values and that the realization of the values will not disrupt their own rights and others' rights. It is difficult to evaluate whether or not a person's ethics are what they should be. Because 

of all the different perspectives and standpoints of humans on the nature of our existence and our role in society, there are various ethical aspects that one can exercise.  

Whether there are one or more parties involved in resolving ethical dilemmas,  the best decision must be made and must be resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner. When it comes to events, they can be urgent and non-urgent. It indicates its complexity. The selection of alternatives is often affected by emotions and circumstances. 

Each time there is a choice between two or more options, there is a possibility for a dilemma to arise. In the process of resolving ethical dilemmas, specific rules are followed. In my evaluation, it is essential that when one does decide on an ethical or moral basis, they should stick to it in every situation and do what is most ethical and righteous from any dilemma we may face. The reason for it is that because this is what gives us the title of being thoughtful individuals.

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I just posted some personal dilemmas too and thanks for the practical tips. 😊❤️

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Thank you. Stay tuned always for new articles :)

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