Love is both selfless and selfish

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Isn’t it contradicting? Love is selfless and also selfish.

Love is a paradox. Confusing, it may be. But, if the time comes that you see yourself loving, you will understand how such contradiction actually makes sense. You will know for sure that the confusion is what actually makes love . . . more interesting, and maybe, challenging.

Love is selfless. It makes us selfless. Why wouldn’t it? Right? We would do everything for the people we love, even at our expense. We compromise our time to be with them, even if it takes away the time we need for important things. We sacrifice our money and properties just to make them happy, even when we do not have so much. We give a part of us to them, some give all of themselves, even when they would not do the same for us. 

Love makes us selfless. It compels us to throw away what we have always deemed important for the ones we love. Like how our parents offer their lives to raise us, love makes us forget our past lives and face a new one. Like how heroes save lives while risking theirs without second thoughts, love urges us to surpass our limits. 

That is maybe why love can be scary for some people. It makes you forget yourself for the person you love. Some could not take the risk of setting aside themselves.

Yet, love is such a wonderful thing. It is a special feeling that is deeply rooted in our hearts that pushes us to be better. It may be frightening to do something you never did, to put yourself below someone or to prioritize others. But sometimes, it is worth the risk to take the leap and see the wonder in love. Love is for those who are brave enough to be selfless. Yes, love is both wonderful and frightening.

Love is also selfish. The wonder in its selflessness pits against its frightening selfishness. Love is such a strong emotion that takes over our mind. It makes us a little greedy sometimes. Have you ever felt jealous or envious when someone takes away the attention of the person you love? Have you ever felt your chest tighten when someone just gets near them? That selfish love of ours turns us into little children who does not want others to touch their toys.

Selfish and childish – love is such a difficult feeling to handle. We become selfless and give everything of us to them. That is maybe why we become selfish too. We don’t want other people to take away from us the person we already gave so much for. 

Love can be both light and dark. As how their can be no dark shadows without light, selfishness can stem from our selfless sacrifices.

But above all, true love makes us a better person and even the best version of a person we can be. Love is also about balancing the mixing emotions we feel and the confusing actions we take. We do not let our selfish tendencies to hurt the people we love. Love is also about controlling this strong emotion to not overpower them.

We must not forget that love is kind. Love is a fire inside our hearts that burns passionately. When we’re not careful, we can also burn the people we are directing our love to. But, when we know how to set our boundaries, the fire of love in our hearts become a warm glow that protects our loved ones from this cold, cruel world. Our love should be more selfless than selfish.

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I think one sight love always burnt in inside. If love on both side then yeah it brings happiness. Have a blessed night :)

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