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I got 102 Subscribers, Yay! So I'm giving away sponsorships... :)

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2 weeks ago (Last updated: 1 week ago)

I didn't noticed that I already have 102 subscribers already. Subscribers that I think are people who supports my articles. Thank you so much for these people who supports me... I may not know who you all are and I may not be able to mention all your names but I am grateful that you are part of my journey here at Readcash.

It has been a month since I joined here and this numbers of subscribers and the total amount I received for a month is very heartwarming. And because of this, I am giving back some love to authors. I wouldn't know for sure if you subscribe or not so this is ope to all even those who didn't subscribed me yet. I am giving away a sponsorship to 3 people and tip for 10 people... But!!I need to be sure that I won't be tagged for anything for giving sponsorship to those who sponsor me too so, I will be emailing Readcash about it. For now, my sponsors are put aside. If Readcash says that I can sponsor my sponsor, I will be picking from my sponsors aside from the 3 people I will sponsor... This may not be much of a money but the sincerity in my gratitude is a lot more bigger than the amount I can give.

If you're interested to join, all you have to do is:

*Create a short post about this article and my latest article (prior to this) entitled "The Beatles hate the Philippines" (one short post per author only please so we don't spam the system) DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE THE LINK OF THIS ARTICLE PLEASE. THANKS. :)

*Comment your link in the comments section and tell me why I should sponsor you and will draw winners for the tips. (winners in sponsorship will not be eligible for tips to give chance to others.

Winners will be announced at August 1, 2020

SO in conclusion:

3 people will win for a sponsorship from me

10 people will win consolation prize which is a tip from me

and I will pick 2 in my sponsors which I will sponsor too (if it's okay with Readcash)

Thank you again for all your support!

You can also chech out @Ashma 's community where you can also be sponsored! Get double the fun :) Here's the link:

Much love


Update: Entries (just so I won't forget haha)










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Written by   162
2 weeks ago (Last updated: 1 week ago)
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