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2 months ago

July 13, 2021

Never have I ever?

Since I'm done with my Filipino series of stories, I finally had time to write this article which is currently trending on this platform. It's truly fun reading different answers of different users and I wanted to write mine after reading @ellimacandrea the article which started this challenge.

I have generated 10 random questions from this site, and here is what I've got.

Let's start...

Of course, I did. You know that I have a big family and one funny moment is to call a family member by the wrong name. There was one time when I was so pissed off at home because of so many chores to handle. I was about to call my sister Lovely, but I called different names, Jelliane, Wengweng, Jeffrey, and it took four names and the last one was JohnJohn before I finally called out the right one. I was like, WTH! Is this a consequence of having many siblings? Well, it really is.

Yes, I did, and this was embarrassing. I have this silk pair of pajamas that I love to wear most often when I was in college. One night, I wore those pajamas, and the next morning I bought bread at the bakery wearing the pajama. Some customers looked at me weirdly but I did not mind them. Then after eating my breakfast, I went to the toilet to take a bath, and I was about to take off my pajama when I found out that it was worn inside out. So that was the answer to why some customer at the bakery was looking at me weirdly. Maybe they thought that "Hey lady, did you f*ck with someone last night and wore your pajama inside out in the dark?" Lol, that's hilarious.

Who didn't? I guess you did as well not only me. But mine is not really accidentally, but willingly. Well, every time I'm watching funny movies with my earphones on, I don't care to laugh out loud unless I'm inside an abode where I need to consider other people. But if I am alone, or in public places, while watching funny movies, I just let out my loudest laugh without minding what other people will think about me, crazy, or whatsoever, that only indicates that there is something funny in my phone, and I guess, that's totally understandable, unless you are laughing out loud without holding anything or air phones on, lol.

Of course, I did. Since I was young, I like watching superhero movies and I like the marvel movies such as X-Men, Avengers, The Guardians, Captain America, Spiderman, Iron man, Thor, Justice League, Venom, etc. And my favorite X-Men Dark Phoenix character is Raven, also known as Mystique. I don't know why, I just love her character as being a shapeshifter and can mimic the appearance and voice of other people, and I like the actress herself, Jennifer Lawrence.

When I was a kid, my favorite superhero movie was Powerpuff Girls. These three cute little heroes are really amazing that show their incredible powers in protecting the world against mad scientists and other villains.

For this, it's NEVER. I'm not really into cooking 🤣 and when I'm adding flavors to my food, the condiments are usually labeled or packed so I can't just mix them up..

This is hilarious. Why would you blame a pet for something? And even if you blame a pet, nothing would change. So NEVER for this one.

First of all, I don't even know that this name exists. Upon searching about it, it is located in a foreign land, which means, I have NEVER been to this place.

Oh my, I love to visit Universal Studios, but I NEVER been there. If I will have the chance to visit other places, I will surely visit this one as it is included in my bucket list. During my first job, I was working as a biller of a Freight Processing Outsourcing company and one of our clients was Universal Studio Singapore. Every time I received a bill to be billed from them, I always wished to visit this place especially after knowing about one of my high school classmates had visited Universal Studio in Singapore. I envied her, so I wished to visit this place too.

I love Hallmark movies. I lived in Manila for six months and there's no television in our boarding house. I don't like watching Kdramas those years as I preferred watching Hollywood and other foreign movies. One day I stumbled upon a movie on Youtube, I started from one Hallmark movie, then it was followed by another one, and another one, and it became my everyday hobby, two to three Hallmark movies per day. But when I worked here abroad, I stopped watching movies as I focused on my work.

But lately, I started watching again and the latest movie I have watched was Runaway Christmas Bride. It's a romantic comedy movie about a woman who was about to get married but ran away on the wedding day because she found out that her groom like to marry her because of money. She went to their supposed to be honeymoon place and stayed there for a while. But in that place, she met a man and fall in love with him. If you want to watch it, here's the link.

I like Hallmark movies because they are not those typical foreign movies with intense romantic scenes and episodes, they're recommendable to watch even for the youngsters, and at every end of the movie, there's always a lesson to learn.

The last one is truly hilarious and embarrassing to admit, but yeah, I have experienced this. For Filipinos, do you know the comedian Porkchop Duo? One day I watched one of their videos and it was my first time as well. I terribly laughed so hard listening to their jokes that I almost peed in my pants. That was embarrassing and I hurriedly ran to the toilet to pee because I was with a bunch of teens.

So that's all folks. The result of this challenge can be funny. If you are curious about it and want to try it as well, you can visit this link and generate 10 random questions from all of the categories.

I want to challenge @Gracee and @z_graeden

Have fun. 😁

Thanks for your time.

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Written by   1464
2 months ago
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