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2 years ago

A lot of users are struggling to find the best way on how they can increase the points they earn. If you are one of them, this article might help you gain more points and even subscribers.


Write an article with catchy titles and great content.

Titles that are catchy can caught the attention of readers. In writing a title, include powerful adjective/s. You can also make use of the 5 W's or Who, What, When, Where, Why, and 1 H or How.


  • Why Crying is Healthy?

  • The Secret Power of your Fist

Articles with great content can make your readers satisfied. A satisfied reader will then follow you and get updates from your future works.


Your article does not need to be too long nor too short.

  • An article with at least 250 words is already okay.

  • Make sure that the information it contains was presented concisely and in understandable manner.

  • Do not make it boring to read. Instead, keep it engaging by adding some opinion-based questions.

Write your article during your most comfortable time. Do not rush. It's better to write it slowly, but surely.


  • Jot down immediately when you have an idea in your mind.

  • Write when you are ready to write.

  • Don't write when you are in a hurry.

  • Don't write when you are tired.

  • Don't write if you don't really have something to share.

  • Read this article to know more: When is the best time to write an article?


Publish your articles in the best community that is inclined to the topic you wrote.


  • Join a community with many users and publish there your article.


Engage with your readers. Interacting with your audience will not only give you points, it will also help you build a good relationship with your readers.


  • Write comments with sense.

  • Build a healthy conversation in the comment section of your articles.

  • Do not spam the comment section by writing unnecessary things.

  • Be appreciative.


Find your best article and boost it.

Things to remember before boosting

  • Make sure that the article is understandable

  • Make sure that it can draw attention of readers.

  • Just spend the right amount.

You don't have to boost all of your articles. Not all articles need to be boosted.

Look at my boosted article/s

I boosted it yesterday $0.23.

Now look at how effective it is

It does not only help you gain more views, your points will eventually rise up, too.


Make a signature banner just like what I have in my articles. You can place it on your articles.

If you don't know how to make it, just ho in this article. I made a tutorial for it. How I did It.


  • Make it attractive

  • Keep it simple yet catchy

  • Make it as your header or footer

I hope that it somehow help you. If you have questions, just comment down below. I'll respond as soon as I read it.

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Written by   366
2 years ago
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