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Introducing Bitcoin Cash Logo made of Tarpapel posted in Our 'Sari-sari' Store

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7 months ago

Hello, it's Raph again, your typical BCH fan and supporter who have big dreams.

Today, I have something special to show to you about how I managed to attract people in our town to use Bitcoin Cash by accepting payments in our 'Sari-sari' store via BCH.

Previously, I wrote an article about Making Our little store in Philippines accept Bitcoin Cash as payments and in just a week of implementing it I can see how people get interest about the idea of Crypto Currency especially Bitcoin Cash as my focus. I have explained it to them in our own language for them to easily understand it and also shared to them my experience.

In that article, I got a lot of support especially from @Koush @georgedonnelly @Cain @Telesfor @sjbuendia and many more. They also suggested to put a poster or sticker in front or our store to easily attract people. I don't have the money and means yet to reproduce a tarpaulin or a sticker so I came up with the idea of making a 'Tarpapel'

What is Tarpapel?

Tarpapel isn't new to some of you but I'll explain it very shortly

Tarpapel is the combination of the word tarpaulin and papel. Papel is a Filipino word which means paper.

So basically, it is a tarpaulin-like size made of paper, and I used Microsoft Excel to be able to make it.

Here are some of the pictures in making the Tarpapel Bitcoin Cash Logo.

I used the Ms excel to enlarge the logo without destroying the image's quality
Using 4 long bond papers, the parts of the Logo were placed accordingly to a single bond paper.
This is how it looked like after I attached it to one another

This is my own cheap way to do it but that will do for now, I just wanted to take part in our community by posting the Tarpapel and help others to be familiar with Bitcoin Cash.

So after all the effort I managed to post it on our Sari-sari store today and I am really happy because all of the customers and people who pass by noticed it and they get curious about it. Many have asked just now and I really tried to explain it to the best that I could.

Two people know something about Bitcoin Cash and when they saw the poster, they are really amazed so they paid me using wallet via Bitcoin Cash.

They bought groceries worth Php 100 or $2 and then I received it in an instant. Fast, Cheap and Reliable it is!!!

I received the payment and it is shown in my gmail
The payment was transfered here in my account.
  • I have a balance in my wallet that's why the total becomes 0.009 BCH or 111 in Pesos.

I am happy to share this all through out the community @Read.Cash I hope you liked it!



Thank You guys! I really need your support in this so like, comment and subscribe👍 Also if you liked it, upvote this post or share it outside the

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Written by   103
7 months ago
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