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Making Our little store in Philippines accept Bitcoin Cash as payments

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10 months ago

Hi everyone, this is Raph from Philippines. I am just a student with some passion in business since my brother started out our little store in Bicol, Philippines.

I am a 2nd year college and I admit studying is somehow you can't reach if you don't have money and resources to take on. Even our family is poor and we are having financial difficulties, I am still working hard to reach my dreams and my family's dream to have a simple life but can sustain our daily needs.

Today, I am gonna post a brief article about Making Our own store accept BCH as payments.

This is our little "Sari-sari store"

Sari-sari store is the term used in Philippines to denote a really small store. "Sari-sari" means variety or various, since the products sold in the store are various products but only with a small volume of items - not that box per box instead, pack by pack or piece by piece.

So as I have said, my eldest brother is the one who urged to build our sari-sari store from few years ago. Well, to tell you all honestly, most of my siblings really don't know much about technologies especially using mobile phones, laptops or computers.

What more about something like BCH or any other crypto currencies?

If no one in our community will try to promote it, I might as well start to recommend it to our regular customers so that the number of BCH user will rise and it will surely change the future of the life of everyone.

That is why I am gonna ask my brother and tell him all the things that I know about crypto currencies especially Bitcoin Cash or BCH.

I have studied and gathered enough information about Bitcoin Cash to confidently offer it to my Brother as basis of payments in our Sari-sari store.

That's all for now and keep posted. I hope I can convince him and make BCH our way to success.

Thank you guys, I hope you will all support me for this so that I can continue it and make it grow in our community.

As much as possible I want them to show proofs by your kind words and support by liking, adding comments, and upvotes. 🙂

I will write the full details in a week or two. Thank You!!!

Also I will try to print some leaflets when I have some money to do so in order to promote BCH in our community.

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Written by   103
10 months ago
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